In this Instructable, I show you how to successfully open what apple has discussed as
"un-openable". I'll show you exactly how I figured it and Include some pictures for reference.

Please note I am NOT responsible for any destruction you may cause to your ipod in this process.
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Step 1: Opening it up.

Like all other ipods, this step is quite tedious, basically, using a hard, flat and skinny object, you pry the metal facing from the other side, and slowly progress towards cracking both halves open.

Step 4: You're done.

Hopefully this saves some headache with the whole opening process and someone will find this useful.

Ponting13 years ago
The Apple iPod Classic comes with 2.5-inch display makes video come more alive. You can Purchase or rent movies, buy TV shows, and download video podcasts from the iTunes Store, then sync them to your iPod classic to watch anywhere, anytime.
Misc.1235 years ago
I've got an 80 gig ipod and i think the same thing happened to mine (bad sectors) the best i can figure is that it is corrupted. But all i know is that it doesn't work on my PC. It just says it needs to be formated, but after i do it will just say it's not valid and needs to be formated. (if there is no way, and no way at all (and i mean any way), I'm gonna tell apple "screw you" for good.)
I just got a broken ipod that I'm not to sure what it is, but it looks the same from what I can tell. But my 'new' free 'broken' ipod won't connect to the computer via usb connector thingy (the one made just for ipods), and the screen is broken, plus the battery is dead. So to you dear ipod experts,.... do you know of anyway I could fix it? Or at least use it in some way for something? Thank you XD.
rkr6 years ago
I opened my iPod video 30gig and I see it isn't a whole lot different
asianwizard6 years ago
do flash drives still fit in these?
Deadcell (author)  asianwizard6 years ago
Im sure you could probably try to put one in, but im not going to take that risk, especially when this Ipod is under warranty.
i fix ipods at school, OH HOW MUCH FUN I HAD. :-|