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Introduction: Opening the Instructables Card Game

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Several of us got our cards at the first-ever UK Instructables Meet-Up.  This is me opening my deck.

OK, so I get a little bit over-excited, but I have never been *in* a game before.

You must have heard of the Instructables Card Game by now (if not, why not??).  So, when you have been suitably inspired and motivated by this little contribution (filmed by Jayefuu), you should click here to buy a pack, funding the UK Instructables presence at the next UK Maker Faire.

If you look carefully, you can see where my wrists are "sunburned" by the TIG welding I'd been doing all that day.

(Oh, and siliconghost gets a special mention)

(And I have just realised that posting this video has made the stats wrong on my card!)



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    I was not sure I'd be able to get a pack, so I made mine, its not as cool as yours, but for now it will do

    1 reply

    Sorry, but there are no current plans for a new deck.

    MAybe if you contact HQ and ask really, really sweetly?

    Sorry, no - the game was made two years before you joined the site.

    Maybe it's about time somebody made a new deck?

    BWAHAHAHA! I love that your pants started to catch fire when you got to mine. Ok, not really but close. I really want to get a pack, but I keep thinking about how long it'll take to ship.

    1 reply

    You're alive!

    How can I not be in it, I'm Kiteman

    (Which is my preferred title on the website, BTW)


    yes im alive! hehehe this is really good .

    ive been speaking about instructibles with my physics teacher Mr brown , he said he wants to make a a sort of rocket thing (it was something like that)

    I know Mr Brown.

    Tell him that if he joins, he can have a free pro membership because he's a teacher. He can email me / phone me for the details.

    Only two that I know of - Stargazer is now an ex-pupil, having moved on to High School, and another pupil says he signed up, but I haven't seen him post.

    A lot of them use it as a resource, though, without joining (since most of my pupils are under 13).