Step 15: Wiring the LED

Before connecting the LED, be sure that you know which pin is the power pin and which is the ground pin. If you are unsure, consult the images in Unit 2 for guidance.

1. Connect short lengths of black and red wire to the terminals to the left and right of the buzzer, as shown in Figure.

2. Twist together one end of the 390-Ohm resistor with the loose end of the black wire, and twist together the other end of the resistor with the LED's ground pin, as shown.

3. Twist together the loose end of the red wire with the LED's power pin, as shown.
Sorry to be annoying, but I was also wondering where can I get a 2 prong header and a battery lead extender. Can somebody please give a link to a store where I can find these products online, because my local Radioshack does not possess them?
you can check out machinescience.org
<p>thanks! </p>
is there any way to make it with only the buzzer?
"Aluminum and other metals are very good at carrying electricity in circuits- these materials are known as conductors" How do you pick up the coin with out making the buzzer sound? Nice job by the way!
Touching the coin does not complete the circuit unless you also touch the coin to the sides. So, it may be trickier to pick up the coin, which I would actually consider a bonus feature not in the original game (which uses all plastic body parts).
when i was little this game kept me on edge with 2 D cell batteries, earth shaking buzz, and a bright incandescent bulb. now it uses a AA cell battery, a puny cell phone vibrator, and red LED. ...thanks milton bradley.
the v7ibrator in that was crazy it scared the hell out of me
You can also add a switch and an S.C.R. to make the LED and buzzer stay on...
Do you need a 5mm or a 10mm LED for this project? Also, what kind of a buzzer do you need? Is there a product link for the buzzer on www.radioshack.com
Someone ought to make a parody of this game by giving it a plastic surgeon theme, where instead of taking pieces out out you need to put them in, including breast implants.
Nicely done job, I could do this instead of buying it, though I've never liked this game, it gives me the willies.
me too. it doesn't help that i can never get the stuff out, or that mr.operation is naked...
Without wanting to put a damper on an otherwise very good instructable, have you considered copyright issues? The official version of this game is still in production (there's even a Spongebob version), and unless you have had permission to use Cavity Sam's image from Hasbro, then you are putting this website in an awkward situation, legally.
So are Rubix Cubes. Have a better point?
Do I need one? Rubix forgot to patent his design, so lost a fortune because of the numerous knock-offs. The outer design, being just a cube, is uncopyrightable.
There's still the similar instructable I made awhile ago... &quot;Disease Remover&quot; :)<br/><br/><a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Your-own-Operation-Board-Game/">https://www.instructables.com/id/Your-own-Operation-Board-Game/</a><br/>
They can't copyright the basic concept (it's just a steady-hand game, after all) - it's the image that's copyright.<br/><br/>(Tesco - UK supermarket - has started selling its own version, <em>Shoperation</em>, where you have to extract items of shopping from picture of a shop. It's pink.)<br/>
I remember they took out a version of DIY Scrabble... That reminds me... remember when they used to replace the instructable and set the intro image to a scrabble X when they were "removed"? S'funny...

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