Operation of a John Deere Front Loader/ Backhoe Tractor

Picture of Operation of a John Deere Front Loader/ Backhoe Tractor

                These instructions are to assist in the safe and efficient operation of a John Deere Front Loader/Backhoe tractor. They are not to be used as the sole operational guidelines. Limited knowledge is expected, but safety and discretion is advised.  The following will assist in the starting, driving, operation of the front loader, and operation of the backhoe.  All Warnings are to be followed along with one’s own precautions, as misuse of machinery or limited discretion could cause serious injury or even death.

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Step 1: Danger

Danger: Improper operation of this machinery may cause severe injury or death to operator or others nearby. Keep all non-operators a safe distance away.  These warning apply to all modes of operations.

Step 2: Starting

Picture of Starting


a.       Insert Key into keyhole

b.      Turn Key to the right.

c.       Push throttle forward roughly 1/4”

d.      Depress Brakes and Clutch

e.      Press Ignition Button right above key.

f.        Engine will have started, and then push throttle all the way forward.

Kiteman5 years ago
Maybe videos would be useful, visually linking control movements with machine reactions.