Step 12: Operating Backhoe

a)      To operate, there are two control sticks in the center, that control bucket, arm swing, and control of both extension of arms

b)      Taking the left center control and moving it left or right moves entire arm left or right

c)       Pulling back on left control will move the arm directly attached to the tractor up

d)      Pushing left control stick forward will move arm directly attached to the tractor outwards

e)      Taking the right control stick, and moving it left will make the bucket scoop up

f)       Moving the right control stick left will make the bucket open towards the ground

g)      Pulling back on right control stick will fold arm that is attached to the main arm in.

h)      Pushing forward on right control still will extend the secondary arm.

i)        Use of the controls together takes practice, but can be used to learn to scoop and move loads with the backhoe.

Maybe videos would be useful, visually linking control movements with machine reactions.<br />

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