This video will guide you step by step through moving and setting the sideroll sprinkler system to irrigate a dry section of hay field.  Even if you never operate a sideroll irrigation system, it's interesting to know how one works.

Your comments are appreciated.
Cool video! Very informative. I'm sure others out there would appreciate even more farm "know how" videos. Keep 'em coming!!
huh. I always wondered whether those things moved by themselves or not; now I know. Thanks. The whole &quot;scale&quot; of farm operations compared to what I do in my back yard is a bit mind boggling...<br>
Thanks for watching westfw.
Welcome to Instructables! Thank you for sharing this with the community.
Thank you, ZE. I've been lurking for a couple of years and decided to finally post an instructable. I hope a few people can benefit from this video.

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