Picture of More BASS for your PC Speakers!

More thumping bass? You came to the right place. Don't worry, you're not alone - not everyone are using bassy PC speakers / headphones. This instructables will teach you to add more bass without destroying the rest of the sound.

/**Updated on 19 May 2015**/
- foobar2000 v1.3.8
- revised instructions
- freesurround plugin added

Let's get started:

1.) Get foobar2000 (for Windows)
Click here for the portable version with some added plugin. No installation required, but may need admin privilege.

2.) Inspect your subwoofer
Most subwoofers you find on the market are ported which means they have a port or a hole which lets the air in and out. Ensure the port is clear of obstacle first before proceeding.

Then make sure you have no air leak from the subwoofer box, and your subwoofer foam (rubber surround) is not deteriorated. These steps are to prevent unnecessary distortion.

3.) Find where your subwoofer sounds best.
There is a thing called sweet-spot for subwoofer. You can place it under the table, facing the wall, behind a cupboard etc to find out where your subwoofer sounds best.

Every room have different acoustic feedback or characteristic, therefore this step will consume some time.

I noticed that my megaworks 550 subwoofer sounds best when it sits under my computer table. However the downfiring sub does not play well with the desk such that it rattles the desk occassionally. I tilted the subwoofer (Pic 7) and the rattle is gone.

4.) DO NOT MAX the bass knob!
Upon investigation, most bass knob only act as either attenuation knob or fixed equalizer knob. Maxing this knob doesn't help you get more optimal bass. Find out which position gives you the smoothest bass. And then foobar2000 will take it from there.

5.) Test your subwoofer frequencies response.
Use this online frequency generator to check your subwoofer frequency response.

Listen from 100Hz to 30Hz without changing your volume level. Then take note which frequencies you wanted more or less. If your subwoofer is smaller than 6.5" you can stop at 40Hz instead.

JonteS1 month ago

Thanks it worked like a charm on my Cambridge CSW130 but I have a question and that's how do you decrease the amount of clipping?

usbdevice (author)  JonteS25 days ago

You will have to reduce the input volume in the SH-1 Equalizer (knob on the left bottom corner) so you will have to turn up the main volume in the end. If it still clips, try to reduce the bass knob, small subwoofer distorts easily.

mestapho2 months ago

YES! Klipsch is the first commercial manufacturer... They do sound sweet. I have the old Pro Media 5.1 with dual 8's and it's pretty sweet. However, the Polk 12 is mBA

usbdevice (author)  mestapho2 months ago

They make really good speakers, too bad they pair it with short-lived amps. The iFi I mentioned above died on me few years ago. it was easily the best 2.1 computer speakers available 400$ can buy until today.

yho13 years ago
KLIPSCH.....one of the greatest speaker that i've ever heard..lol...
atejchman3 years ago
i cant figure out how to get to step 1
usbdevice (author)  atejchman3 years ago
hi, in foobar2000, navigate to "View" on top of the window, click it and select "Equalizer".

Once the equalizer is ticked (enabled), you can increase and 55hz bar to get more bass, but remember to click auto-level each time you increase it.

hope this helps, good luck!
power5 years ago
haha sweet
I was reading and I see papertube mod on Edifier MP300? :P
was happy to hear you still remember this mod :D
usbdevice (author)  power5 years ago
lol. of course i should. it's one great trick i found few years back. anyone using Edifier MP300 / MP300+ should use it.
karossii5 years ago
Why do you consider SRS Audio Sandbox and Dolby Prologic IIx to be "creepy"?
power karossii5 years ago
SRS makes the sound quality very fake.
trebles sounded like plastic bag lol
and sometimes there's too much trebles and you can't reduce it :(

that dolby thing...I dunno lol
usbdevice (author)  karossii5 years ago
The SRS, i found both the Sandbox and TruSurround that comes with my logitech z cinema are overrated. using couple of freeware such as foobar2000 above it makes things sounds better. the only SRS I used is the windows mobile version.

and for the DPLIIx, my laptop has it embedded. Doesn't sound good at all, perhaps they just reverse the matrix of front speakers for the rear channels. However, I turn them on so they upmix things from internet like youtube.
0_0 It has a spectrogram!? SO COOL!! I can see phasing!

Is there any way to wire this so that it displays the spectrogram of a real-time line in or microphone? Or do you know of any other freeware real-time spectrum analyzers? I don't have a good way to visually monitor things in high detail when I'm mastering in Reason (the vocoder trick works, but it's not a large display).
usbdevice (author)  DeusXMachina5 years ago
Regarding the spectrogram, i'm not really certain. However, you could check at the official forums at www.hydrogenaudio.org/forums/

Compared to WMP, of course foobar2000's EQ sounds much better. I have not touch WMP for music playback since i use foobar2000. lol

thanks and enjoy...

Yeah, I just found a bunch of stuff. This website has lots of downloads and you can filter by freeware etc: http://www.hitsquad.com/smm/
Thank you!!!!! This is wonderful! Two things were really starting to piss me off about WMP:
1) Single-band compression causing ducking of my low-end when the high end peaked, giving that obnoxious "wobbly" sound. (I'm a big audiophile)
2) It seems like it's been taking longer and longer to start up.

I use VLC, primarily for FLAC and streaming, but I don't like it's UI and lack of library support. I am giving foobar a shot and it looks like it's going to be a good match :)