Step 4:

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Center the bottom in the jig, stand on it to bow it and hold it down, and temporarily screw it to the 2" x 4" 's 130mm each side of center line to allow for gluing of the doublers without covering the screws, so they can be removed later.  The holes will be filled in when the boat is removed from the jig with epoxy.  Rip a 4' x 8' sheet of 4mm plywood into 1- 240mm strip and 2-80mm strips with a 45 degree beveled edge.  This can be done on the ShopBot or a table saw.  These are the doublers for the bottom to meet design minimum thickness while saving weight.  Once these are epoxied into place and trimmed you are ready to install the sides, mid ship frame, bow and transom.  The mid ship bulkhead can be used to position the strips in the correct place on the bottom of the hull.  Once these are epoxied in position, placing some weights on top, until cured, works well.  You will be covering the dagger board slot, but that can be easily cut out once the hull is removed from the jig and turned upside down for fitting the dagger board trunk and filling of screw holes.