Step 5: Crap Cleaner

5. CCleaner is one of my all time favorites and most used applications world wide and is renowned for its ability to clean crap up! Here is the link,


A simple download and install and check and un-check the installation options you want, when you start it up you should look through the different options under clean up in case you don't want something to be deleted like your browsing history or something to that effect then click analyze, review what it wants to get rid of and see that it not kicking anything you don't want. Then run cleaner and boom all the crap is gone! : O. Next click the registry cleaner, run scan, fix selected issues, when it prompts you to make a back up just click yes and designate a location (only really necessary for the first time through in my personal opinion, but can be done as many times as you want to insure maximum safety). There's also a nice feature on the left side bar called tools. This shows you a list of the program entries on your computer and lets you uninstall, delete the entry, or rename it. It also has a nice save to a txt file option to save a list of all your programs to a text file for later use. Then of course the options tab to customize the scan settings and even if you want to have more than one overwrite when you are doing the disk cleaner. Enjoy!
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This is a pretty nice!!!
in reference too?
Farting Applications
i too use heaps of these programs and like them very much, the ones i havent used yet are malware removal tool and boost speed tool
Very good instructable. Clear conscise and you know what you're talking about. I to use many of these programs. Specifically avast, ccleaner, and smart defrag.

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