Step 6: Boost Speed...

6. Last but most of all not the least. Auslogics boost speed. Now this program only runs you on a trial basis for 15 days, I would recommend you get your use out of it then uninstall if your like me and don't want to pay, but if you do its your choosing.

Here's the link,


Now install and use all the components you want that the program has to offer, I recommend one button check up, advanced registry scan, and the registry defrag here if you haven't already. The track eraser and disk wiper are also nice, I would stay away from the memory optimizer and internet optimizer functions because they are not that effective, and annoying in some respects, but everything else is pretty solid. Don't be afraid to check all the options under advanced registry scan, also be careful with the disk cleaner, because disk cleaners in general are pesky at removing things in some instances that you would prefer not to be removed. Enjoy!
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This is a pretty nice!!!
in reference too?
Farting Applications
i too use heaps of these programs and like them very much, the ones i havent used yet are malware removal tool and boost speed tool
Very good instructable. Clear conscise and you know what you're talking about. I to use many of these programs. Specifically avast, ccleaner, and smart defrag.

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