Optimized Surface Pro 2 3 4 Charger.




Introduction: Optimized Surface Pro 2 3 4 Charger.

Hi Instructaguys,

This is a very simple hack or mod for the surface pro 4 Charger. I believe it works for any version and no special skills are needed. If you don't know how to solder or 3D Print I will give you some links to buy the stuff already done.

Actually, I am surprised how an amazing product with an amazing team behind can do some things so wrong. The Charger is not convenient because you can not wrap the cable, and the input cable is a 30 years old design. How is it possible that we can improve it substantially in just some minutes? I'm disappointed Microsoft, disappointed...

Anyway! Let's make our charger looks pro!

Step 1: The Tools

This is the material you need:

  • Glue Gun.
  • 3D Printer
  • Soldering station
  • Tongs
  • C7 male Plug and normal Plug of your country.
  • One hour max.

Step 2: The Plug

To make the plug, You just need to use the tongs to open the cable, shorten it, and connect them again by soldering. After, just put some glue to protect yourself and to give some solid body.

Otherwise, you can buy it at Amazon or at any other shop like this:


Step 3: The Cable Clip

To wrap the cable conveniently, you just have to print in a 3D printer this model:


On the other hand, you can always buy some fancy solutions like this one:


Step 4: The Result

Finally, I have got my own improved design inspired by Apple solutions. Quite functional yet small.

I hope you like it!

Please post your results and suggestions!




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