Optimizing DragonBoard 410c Computing Performance Using a Micro SD Card



Introduction: Optimizing DragonBoard 410c Computing Performance Using a Micro SD Card


A Micro SD memory card is usually required for the initial setup of the DragonBoard 410c (for flash programming of the board with a new Operational System). After that, this same Micro SD memory card can be used for enhancing the computing performance of the DragonBoard 410c, by using it as both "swap" and "storage" disk space.

All that is needed is a special formatting of the Micro SD Card, which can be accomplished through a series of Linux commands.

Step 1: Read Tutorial

Optimizing DragonBoard 410c Computing Performance using a Micro SD Card

The unboxing experience of the DragonBoard 410c is very enjoyable and straightforward. At first, one must connect it to an HDMI monitor, keyboard and mouse and then power it on. In its factory configuration, the DB410C is shipped with Android operating system. Nevertheless, it's usual that some users may prefer to use other operating systems available for download. This tutorial is useful to those who opt for using the Debian (Linaro) operating system. After reflashing the DB410C with a new operating system, the next configuration step is likely to be the WiFi network parameters. With that accomplished, the DB410C is ready for use. However, the overall user experience with the DB410C will significantly enhance, should the user follow the instructions of this tutorial, which aim the add a micro SD memory card as both “swap” and extra “storage” for the board.

Important : There is a PDF file with the tutorial, available for download somewhere in this page.

Step 2: Components

Required Componentes

- DragonBoard 410c Kit (The DB410C SBC, HDMI Display, Keyboard, Mouse and Power Supply) , Quantity = 1

- Micro SD Memory Card , Quantity = 1



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