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This is a robot and I like the way it looks.

Step 1:

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Get these pieces.

Step 2:

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Attach the red grabber pieces to the black cylinders. Then put the black cylinders onto blue 1-dot pieces. Put the blue 1-dot pieces onto into the 1-dot pieces with the side dot. Put the slanted blue pieces on top.

Step 3:

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Put a red grabber piece onto the side dot of the 1-dot plus side dot piece. Put a hose end piece into the red grabber and then clip a clipper onto the hose piece.

Step 4:

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Take a gray 2x2 piece and stack two red piece with a white circle in the middle.

Step 5:

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Put the stack of the two red pieces with the white circle in the middle, on one corner.

Step 6:

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Put the gray 2x2 with the red and white stack onto the pieces you made before by putting the other side of the clippers onto the gray 2x2.

Step 7:

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Put 2 thin 1-dot pieces on the bottom of the gray 2x2.

Step 8:

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Put a thin 1-dot piece that is as large as a 2-dot piece but only has 1 dot in the middle into the bottom thin 1-dot piece.

Step 9:

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Put another thin 2x2 onto the piece that looks a thin 2-dot but only has one dot in the middle.

Step 10:

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Take two 3-dot wing pieces and one corner piece with 2 dots on each side.

Step 11:

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Put the wing pieces onto the corner piece.

Step 12:

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Attach the corner piece with the two wing pieces onto the bottom of the thin gray 2x2.

Step 13:

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Put two slanted vent pieces on the wing pieces.

Step 14:

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Put a thin two dot piece on the back of the wing pieces.

Step 15:

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Get two thick 2-dot hinge pieces.

Step 16:

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Put the two thick 2-dot hinge pieces onto the thin 2-dot piece.

Step 17:

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Put two corner pieces with two dots on each side onto the thick 2-dot hinge pieces.

Step 18:

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Put two 1-dot slanted pieces onto the corner pieces with two dots on each side.

Step 19:

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Put two wing pieces onto the slanted pieces.

Step 20:

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Put two smaller 1-dot slanted pieces onto the wing pieces.

Step 21:

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Put two glowing blue slant pieces onto the small 1-dot slant pieces.

Step 22:

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Put two thin 2-dot pieces onto the back of the wing pieces.

Step 23:

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It is finished! Here is Optimus Prime!


strongman98 (author)2013-10-26

Good job

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