video Optimus Prime Transformers Costume
An Optimus Prime costume I made in 5 days for about $20. Mostly made from lots of cardboard, cereal boxes, velcro, hot glue and superglue, among other things.

I took it out to a midnight showing of Revenge of the Fallen. That was a great experience; people were constantly crowding and wanting to take pictures with me. This video stands as a testimony against the false stereotype that nerds can't get chicks. :)
trev5020001 year ago
Check out this item I found on eBay: http://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.view&id=321392951951&globalID=EBAY-GB
black hole3 years ago
At last, someone else that uses the living room floor as a workbench. =D
Next you should make a Voltron costume.
Can you get any more awesome!!!???!!!???
could you add a pdf
dude, thats wik - ed, but can you like put in some instructions from step to step for it, because i didn't get all of the details
2174 years ago
Nice man.
I guess i agree with the false stereotype... since im making a Optimus Prime costume myself and im a GIRL.
feeserrm4 years ago
Freaking ingenious dude! You are going in my bookmarks!
Nice work man! Keep up the good work!! Nothing like imagination and will to create!
awesome video
depotdevoid4 years ago
Awesome costume man, I love the idea of building something elaborate on the cheap like this.