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The Opto-Scopic Rotator - a hybrid of a vintage slide projector [Argus Model III series] and a Penn Peer 309 fishing reel. This hybrid device will, for instance, allow you to view an image [as below, on a paper roll] in narrative form through rotation, while your subject simultaneously will be magnified and framed.

Step 1:

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Be ready to dismantle the Argus Slide Projector. Lift the release latch at the rear of the EXHAUST GRILLE and remove the grill

Step 2:

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Remove the rear condenser lens and mount by springing the mount slightly forward and pulling upward.

Step 3:

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Spring back the top of the reflector plate slightly, pulling it up and off. Spread the sides of the frame until the filter and condenser mounts can be removed from the retaining slots.

Step 4:

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Remove the lenses from the metal mounts. Leave the top metal mount, or use the best fitting metal mount and place it on top of the lens mount fixture [see image step 5]

Step 5:

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Slip the lens mount fixture in [see below] and tighten it on each side by bending the metal, make sure it is well attached .If necessary, use metal glue in addition. Then, attach the grille to the bottom of the lens mount fixture using metal glue.

Step 6:

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Next, saw off the middle part of the bottom reel fixture . [using a hand metal saw, or band saw]

Step 7:

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Drill holes into both sides of the reel wheels. Accordingly, drill holes into the lens mount.
Then, tighten the lens mount to the reel [remove the lens beforehand] .

Step 8:

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Last, mount the lens, [using the little latches ]. If necessary, use
glass/metal glue additionally.

Step 9:

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Attach a reading book light.
Your opto-scopic rotator is now ready to use...


gmjhowe (author)2009-02-26

I agree with Marc92, Although you have a great idea with the polaroids each step needs maybe one or more extra pictures, people will be able to look to them for more information. Along side further pictures, you could probably bulk up the descriptions. Finally, i think it would be great to have a video of this thing in action!

marc92 (author)2009-02-25

Those drawings are great, but actual photos of this in operation would be beneficial. For your first 'ible, you have a good idea, (and superb artistic ability), but you may want to add more detail, perhaps photo notes, to clarify things. 4 stars

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