Picture of Oragami Crane
oragami 035.jpg
Hello!, once again. Supitsgreg here. Origami crane, a typical creation. Easy to make, and looks nice at parties or special occasions! here are some easy-to-follow instructions on how to make one.

And this time, I've added dotted lines to stop all of the connfuzzelingness. ;)

Step 1: Get Yur' Paper

Picture of Get Yur' Paper
oragami 004.jpg
Get a piece of paper, any will do, square or rectangular. If you have a rectangular piece, you know what to do. Just cut or rip off the spare piece at the end.

rockadio1013 years ago
dude this is awesome!even though it took me like tweenty times i managed
to make it and it is awesome and thank you for makeing this insructable.

nice work!

rockadio out.
does its wings flap?
thewizard425 years ago
Technology section? D:
novakfor3 (author)  thewizard425 years ago
Haha :D
novakfor3 (author)  thewizard425 years ago