Hello!, once again. Supitsgreg here. Origami crane, a typical creation. Easy to make, and looks nice at parties or special occasions! here are some easy-to-follow instructions on how to make one.

And this time, I've added dotted lines to stop all of the connfuzzelingness. ;)

Step 1: Get Yur' Paper

Get a piece of paper, any will do, square or rectangular. If you have a rectangular piece, you know what to do. Just cut or rip off the spare piece at the end.

dude this is awesome!even though it took me like tweenty times i managed <br>to make it and it is awesome and thank you for makeing this insructable. <br> <br>nice work! <br> <br> <br>rockadio out. <br>
does its wings flap?
Technology section? D:
Haha :D

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