Picture of Oragami Crane
oragami 035.jpg
Hello!, once again. Supitsgreg here. Origami crane, a typical creation. Easy to make, and looks nice at parties or special occasions! here are some easy-to-follow instructions on how to make one.

And this time, I've added dotted lines to stop all of the connfuzzelingness. ;)
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Step 1: Get Yur' Paper

Picture of Get Yur' Paper
oragami 004.jpg
Get a piece of paper, any will do, square or rectangular. If you have a rectangular piece, you know what to do. Just cut or rip off the spare piece at the end.

Step 2: Folds, Folds!

Picture of Folds, Folds!
oragami 006.jpg
oragami 007.jpg
Fold everything in every which way you can possibly think of. (Okay not really.)

1. Diagonal fold.
2. Other diagonal fold.
3. Both vertical and horizontal folds.

Step 3: Squashed Square

Picture of Squashed Square
oragami 009.jpg
oragami 010.jpg
oragami 011.jpg
oragami 012.jpg
oragami 013.jpg
This is a well known fold when making birds and animals. It'd be best if you knew how to do this fold, so for clarity, instructions are within the image notes.

Step 4: Straighting Things Out

Lots of pics here! All you're gonna do is fold the edges in and pop them out at the top. Get it?

1. Make those folds.
2. Crease them in.
3. Flip it around and make those same folds like so.
4. Crease those in as well.
5.  Fold the top triangle along this line down.
6. View of that action.
7. Unfold everything like in pic.
8. Bring the top corner up.
9. Should end up with this.
10. Flip again and do the same.
11. ^^^^^Done.^^^^^

Step 5: Thinner is Better

Picture of Thinner is Better
oragami 027.jpg
oragami 028.jpg
oragami 029.jpg
Thinning everything out.

1. Fold those inward.
2. Crease that.
3. Flip and do the same.
4. Crease and done twith that.

Step 6: Final Touches

Picture of Final Touches
oragami 031.jpg
oragami 032.jpg
oragami 033.jpg
oragami 034.jpg
oragami 035.jpg
Almost done with your bird!

1. Take the bottom left corner and bring it up, flattening the bottom.
2. Crease where shown. Should look like this.
3. Another view.
4. Do the same on the other side.
5. Poke one of the sides down to make a head. It really doesn't even have to be a fold, but it looks better folded.

Done! Let your origami crane flap it's way to happiness!

Please comment with any mistakes that I may have made or criticism : ).

; ) - Supitsgreg

rockadio1013 years ago
dude this is awesome!even though it took me like tweenty times i managed
to make it and it is awesome and thank you for makeing this insructable.

nice work!

rockadio out.
does its wings flap?
thewizard424 years ago
Technology section? D:
novakfor3 (author)  thewizard424 years ago
Haha :D
novakfor3 (author)  thewizard424 years ago