Oragami Paper Plane Fighter





Introduction: Oragami Paper Plane Fighter

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This a fancy paper plane that I have made. This paper plane can really fly! I am serious. This might be hard for some of you, but its ok. If you have any difficulty, please tell me. Enjoy!

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( I am going to post more planes)

Step 1: The Basic Folds

This is very simple

Step 2: Wings

This is the part that might be pretty difficult if you're not a good folder.

Step 3: Finishing

This is where the part gets harder



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77 Discussions

dude folding the wing and fin is hard

lots of steps missing.. have to be familliar with origami to figure this one out..
but once you do its awesome :)

yesssssssssssss i finally got it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 IT GETS HARDER!!!!! no jk

 I believe you need an understanding of ORIGAMI before making this plane.

 I built this last night it looks amazing but it only flies like 7 feet please help

u need to explain more on how to do it

fold 9 of step 2 is both cruel and unusual. I've been trying to figure this our for a good hour no to no avail, PLEEEEEEAAAASSSEEE post a video!!!!!!!!

ok maybe its just me but i'm totally lost at step one maybe you could repost this thing with more info


that is the address for how to get from step 3 to 4

 hey this must have to be more with instructions please!

how do you Pull up >>> and squash flat and make that diamond/square thing??