This a fancy paper plane that I have made. This paper plane can really fly! I am serious. This might be hard for some of you, but its ok. If you have any difficulty, please tell me. Enjoy!

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( I am going to post more planes)

Step 1: The Basic Folds

This is very simple

Step 2: Wings

This is the part that might be pretty difficult if you're not a good folder.

Step 3: Finishing

This is where the part gets harder
<p>Nice! what a modern looking airplane. I wonder if can be equiped with a motor&amp;battery kit like this( <a href="http://s.click.aliexpress.com/e/qB6iUrN" rel="nofollow">http://s.click.aliexpress.com/e/qB6iUrN </a>) designed for paper planes to make flights longer!</p>
<p>that's it</p>
<p>i don't get it</p>
<p>not so understandabel </p>
Help me with stage six on step 2 Please :D
dude folding the wing and fin is hard
lots of steps missing.. have to be familliar with origami to figure this one out.. <br>but once you do its awesome :)
yesssssssssssss i finally got it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
&nbsp;IT GETS HARDER!!!!! no jk
&nbsp;I believe you need an understanding of ORIGAMI before making this plane.<br /> <br />
&nbsp;I built this last night it looks amazing but it only flies like 7 feet please help
u need to explain more on how to do it<br />
fold 9 of step 2 is both cruel and unusual. I've been trying to figure this our for a good hour no to no avail, PLEEEEEEAAAASSSEEE post a video!!!!!!!!
ok maybe its just me but i'm totally lost at step one maybe you could repost this thing with more info<br />
&nbsp;your pictures suck&nbsp;
www.origami-instructions.com/origami_frog.html<br /> <br /> that is the address for how to get from step 3 to 4<br />
&nbsp;<em>hey this must have to be more with instructions please!</em>
How did you go from step 8 to step 9? Just fold it over? Fold what over?!
the top edge of the flap. crease in then over
&nbsp;Which flap?<br /> <br />
how do you Pull up >>> and squash flat and make that diamond/square thing??
Crease in what and over what? I hope you don't get depressed by comments like this but I just can't understand you.
i at the same place and i dont get it either...
how did u get the flap in step 9 a video would be good
I agree with nerospation. I'm very confused and I think a video would help.
&nbsp;I'm with you. I'm glad I am not the only one stuck on pic. 9 on step 2!
how the heck do you do this you really shouldn't be giving instruction if your not ganna do a good job at it!!!!!! >:(
I finally got it (its going to be hard to explain w/o pictures). notice on the folded lap in question there are 4 "triangles". to get that fold, open up the right "wing", take to corner and fold it along the lower right edge and push in the middle so that it intersects the middle of the plane at a right angle (sorry if that is too confusing!)
look up origami frog base on google - that's what the whole step 1 is.
agree. frame 8 to 9 in step 2 is brutal. need a little more explanation.
You take pictures in the worst point of view....... Like number nine in step 2.....
dont understand.. u shud make a video of this so we can see the steps
u pull all four corners up to the middle and it should look like a diamond fold and flatten from there
how do you Pull up >>> and squash flat and make that diamond/square thing??
that bit is easy
this is very simple, come on
For the gus that don't get the first step -&gt;&gt; <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.oriland.com/oriversity/diagram_asp.asp?category=basefolds&model=bird&name=Bird%20Base&creator=Traditional%20origami%20base&page=1&pages=3&date=">Base</a> <br/><br/>It's hard ;D and i like it ;D<br/>
thanks for the instructions
to me its ez i hav harder ones i want to post but im 2 lazy XD
kinda push the flap in then squash down. should i put a video?
yes you should put a video
can u please explain more and take more photos
I folded it so I take back my previous comment but I couldn't get it to fly well.
I've seen this on another site. And try to be a little more constructive, and try to spell origami right.
how do you pull up >>> and squash flat ??
it's probably good plane in all but do make a video it well alot
wow its very difficult
This is not that good at flying

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