Introduction: Origami Office Desk Card Organiser

Picture of Origami Office Desk Card Organiser
What You Will Need To Make One
  1. 1 A4 Sheet Of Paper
  2. A Small Amount Of Skill

Step 1: The First Folds

Picture of The First Folds

What I Have Done Is Made A Mini One In The Photos, The Reason Why For Better Photos

1: Fold In Half Then
2: Fold In Half Again Then Unfold This Step
3: Fold A 13mm Hem Up On Both Sides

Step 2: More Folds

Picture of More Folds

1: Fold All Corners As Shown
2: Folding Along The Line That You Just Folded The Corners To, Fold Along It, The Bottom Of The Hem Will Not Touch The Top
3: Repeat On Other Side

Step 3: Last Folds

Picture of Last Folds

1: Unfold The Middle Line
2: Mesure 10cm In From One Side And Mark It
3: Fold The Edge To The Mark
4:The First And The Last 1/4 Step Fold The Other Side So It Connects Wiht The Side That You Just Folded
To Make Big Ones And Small Ones Ajust The Last Fold
Fill Them Up
And Your Done!


JM1999 made it! (author)2014-09-09

I made this awesome piece!

gsaxon (author)2014-02-21

Origami is the proper spelling.

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