Step 7:

With the larger base on the bottom, place the orange flesh into the bowl. Add toothpicks in some or all of the segments if desired. 

Enjoy your OBO!

Very nice. Thanks for sharing.
Mouf Watering =D
EXCELLENT pics! such a simple idea, but makes it seem special! LOVE IT!
That is so adorable.
I saw this at a Chinese buffet, and always wanted to know how to do it! Thanks so much!
Cool! :) I liked it!
This...this...<br>IS SO AWESOME!<br>Your oranges look yummy, btw. Are they home grown?<br>Also, this would work with valencia oranges too, right?
Why thank you. I'm sure it would work well it mostly any citrus that has the pithy part and the fleshy part. I bet it would look amazing with blood oranges as well.

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