Picture of Orange Candle
This instructable will show how to make a candle from any citrus and kitchen oil in minutes.

Step 1: Materials & Tools

Picture of Materials & Tools

1) Orange, Grapefruit, Lemon
2) Knife
3) Any type of oil, Vegetable, Olive, Canola, etc.

Step 2: Remove the Middle

Picture of Remove the Middle
Remove / eat the middle portion of the orange being careful to leave the middle stem like portion intact.  I found removal easiest by using a sharp knife and digging out the middle starting with the edge closest to the outside of the orange.

*Caution - Do not ingest the orange if you have extreme citrus allergies and/or fear of oranges or spherical objects.

Step 3: Fill & Light

Picture of Fill & Light
Fill the cavity with any type of oil such as Vegetable or olive oil to just below the center stem like wick.  Light the center stem like wick.  This orange candle burned for most of the day.  Below are the before and after pictures.

Step 4: Top

Picture of Top
The other half can also be used as a cover by similarly hollowing the center and cutting a circle in the top.  Thinning the white skin under the thicker orange portion will give the candle a softer orange glow.
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jman0773 months ago

Limes worked nicely. We will decorate our summer tables with these to accompany the Key Lime pies!

citrus candle.jpg
bmayhew made it!4 months ago

I used a Halo orange so it's a little bit smaller, but it worked perfectly. It was also a bit easier to get the orange out because these are made to have looser skin. Wasn't sure it would leave the stem, but it did. It smells great as well!

IMG_20150413_135002 (1).jpg
pbraun4 months ago
It's nice to have a good fruit candle once and a while......;)
manjuc325 made it!5 months ago
I also tried, awesome.and also works natural room freshner.
goldiebear7 months ago

A couple of helpful hints for all of you....if you get the "wick" wet with the juice of the orange (or lime, or lemon, or grapefruit) then it won't stay lit. Also, remember you need the oil to soak into the wick for a few minutes. The oil will also soak into the white part of the skin of the citrus so you may need to add just a little more oil for reserve (not too much!). What is really cool is that when the flame really gets going, the oil soaked skin will glow!


Btw, you can get the top to glow too, but you have to soak that with oil as well...and before you start cutting airhole designs into it. Then you can cut your airhole on top and designs around the sides and voila!

What type of orange did you use please??????????????????

mpickrell1 year ago
Anyone have a clue how well this works as a bug repellent?
azharz1 year ago

Much like this video from HouseholdHacker. But, awesome instructable
The link to the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-YJgdOFYtj8

DualPhase (author)  azharz1 year ago

Thanks! Correction though theirs is a lot like mine, I posted this instructable before them :). Mine - 1/5/12, Theirs - 4/5/12.

Yes, I know that you've added this before. I am just telling you that your is much like thiers.

Violeta51 year ago

love it!

jadeborade1 year ago
You stole this from here http://ritaglobe.wordpress.com/2013/08/04/how-to-make-an-oil-based-lamp-from-an-orange-peel/
DualPhase (author)  Burnttoast4562 years ago
HA HA! They stole it from me :) That is my white marble kitchen counter and small blue plate. You didn't stop to think how they only have one picture and I have a lot? It feels good to be copied.
twafer2 years ago
wow, totally works! I just made one and was skeptical at first but its been burning for about an hour and looks as if it could burn another 8 or so! great on the fly survival candle. good job
Tracy_Marie2 years ago
Hum...Well... Nothing's happening. The center won't light. I hold the lighter there. It just burns the "wick" without lighting it. Perhaps the orange needs to dry for a few days? Also the membraines remain. They just folded over rather than cut. I twisted them 'round the "wick", pinwheel style. Maybe some brand oranges work better than others?
I'm having the same problem, lights but won't stay lit.
I used an orange....everything went fine..,looks great....used veg. oil..it lights, but I cannot get it to stay lit..goes right out..what am I doing wrong?
Those instructions are amazing and extremlly useful! I made this with my science class, but never that much. Wowzer.
Love this! Will try it out myself! Very smart and practical!
Mihsin2 years ago
I thought I,ve heard it all!
Great idea, many thanks.
JensonBut2 years ago
Those instructions are amazing. I made this with my science class, but never that much. Wowzer.
Interesting idea. I've never tried to use kitchen oil for making candles before. Thanks!
kelv38gr3 years ago
what a brill idea thank you will be trying this today will a lemon work as well?
DualPhase (author)  kelv38gr3 years ago
How did the lemon work?
I tried this with lemon once and it worked just as well as an orange, and even small mandarin oranges.
Shaloo3 years ago
This is one awesome idea ! Thanks for sharing.
I messed up a bit tho I think coz for the life of me could not get it to light up - so I did the next best thing and used a wick and part of a broken lamp to hold the wick in place. I also used 2 more rinds from failed attempts :) to 'decorate'.
FancyVip Shaloo2 years ago
I love your "failed attempts"; imo your modifications are an improvement on the already cool idea. Be proud! You ARE THE Orange! That's a compliment. Thanks for "failing" cuz I'll start by using your pattern; I like it best! Vikki
Shaloo FancyVip2 years ago
Thank you so much :) You made my day !!
pdelgadillo3 years ago
I would love to try this but I am afraid it will attract mosquitos, ants and roaches. I live in an area with lots of vegetation, animals and bugs. This place is known as the city of eternal spring and beauty always comes with a price= I can never get rid of bugs.

I'm going to see if I can find Citronella oil instead of cooking oil.
shirley j3 years ago
I do wonder, though, why the oil doesn't catch fire? Anyone?
Oranges are highly flammable due to their acidic content.
shirley j3 years ago
Shaloo - maybe it's best to wait a day or so, so that the "wick/stem" can dry out first? I'm going to give this a bash, I have a lemon lying around that needs attention!
laurelangel3 years ago
Great Idea! I've heard about a clementine before. I tried it with canola oil and it didn't work. I will have to try an orange, any kink of circular fruit would work, But I think oranges would smell the best.
wildviolets3 years ago
this is totally awesome...can't wait to try it....
SWV17873 years ago
I have been meaning to post these for a while I made them out of Clementines and filled them with standard vegetable oil and they burned for well over 4 hours. it was pretty fun and my coworkers thought it was odd that I was burning oranges on our lab counter, and lets face it you know it's a good idea when it makes your coworkers think your crazy...
DIY 005.jpgDIY 004.jpg
I absolutely cannot wait to try this one!:) How pretty it looks! Great instructable!:)
praise_song3 years ago
Well, I just made this one. Took awhile to get it to light, but when it did ... voilá! Very simple & clever project!
praise_song3 years ago
Brilliant! And I just bought some LARGE oranges yesterday! Can't wait to try it.
Does it make a difference whether you use the navel end, or the stem end of the orange?
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