Introduction: Orange Chinese Chicken

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  • Prep time: 5 minutes
  • Cook time: 15 Minutes
  • Serves 2 - 3 portions

Step 1: Ingredients:

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4 Tablespoons - East - West Zesty Orange Sauce

1 Tablespoon - Canola or Vegetable oil

1.5 lbs - Raw, Boneless, Chicken Breast Tenderloins

Dash of Black Pepper

Step 2: Dice the Tenderloins

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On a cutting board, dice the chicken tenderloin into pieces of about an inch thick each.

Step 3: ​Preparing to Cook:

Picture of ​Preparing to Cook:

Add one tablespoon Canola / Vegetable oil to an electric skillet.

Allow the skillet and oil to heat to 350 degrees (F).

Step 4: Cooking:

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Add the chicken to the skillet and season with a dash of pepper.

Step 5:

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Cover the chicken with the lid of the skillet.

** Be sure the skillet lid fits tightly and seals to the skillet, or the next step won't work.

Step 6:

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Carefully shake the electric skillet in an up/down circular motion, coating the chicken in oil.

* Pot holders may be required depending on the temperature of your skillets lid. Avoid contact with hot oil, liquids and steam!

Step 7:

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Carefully continue shaking in an up/down circular motion, until all of the chicken becomes white.

Step 8:

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Add 4 tablespoons of East - West Zesty Orange Sauce and mix thoroughly with the chicken with a large spoon.

Step 9:

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With the skillet uncovered, cook an additional 8 - 10 minutes, while turning the chicken with a large spoon.

The chicken will be ready when it starts to brown.

Step 10:

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Serve and Enjoy!

This Orange Chinese Chicken serves well with a side of fresh vegetables.


seamster (author)2014-09-09

Looks good!

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