Orange Fried Breakfast





Introduction: Orange Fried Breakfast

While 20 minutes may be a luxury some mornings, time spent making this breakfast will be well worth it.

Step 1: Chop and Caramelize Carrots

Coarsely chop and fry a few carrots. If you have electric burners, start the griddle heating while you chop. Caramelize the carrots so they are a little bit sweeter.

Once they start to turn brown, add the onions and broccoli.

Step 2: Chop and Cook Broccoli and Onions

While the carrots are cooking, coarsely chop broccoli and an onion. Chop the broccoli stalk a bit finer, because it takes longer to cook.

When the carrots are done, add the broccoli and onions to the griddle. Cook until the onions are just about to become translucent.

Step 3: Chop and Cook an Orange Pepper

Chop and add an orange pepper to the mix right before the onions are translucent.

Step 4: Cook Eggs

Clear spots for eggs (to prevent them from sliding around) and cook them.

Add another two egg whites to the vegetables.

Step 5: Chop and Add Tomatoes and Garlic

While the eggs are cooking, coarsely chop tomatoes and garlic.

Remove the fried eggs (leave the mixed in whites) and add the tomatoes and garlic.

Don't cook the tomatoes; stir them in and heat them just long enough to drive off some of their water. Adding the garlic last will help it retain a strong flavor. Grind in some fresh black pepper.

Step 6: Serve

Once the tomatoes have given up enough of their water, combine the vegetable mixture with the fried eggs and add a wedge of lemon.

With the right timing, this can be done as fast as the vegetables will cook, and the lack of mid-morning blood sugar crash alone will make this one of your favorites. Spinach, avocados, purple onions, basil or pesto, and sun-dried tomatoes are great additions or substitutions.



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    Looks amazing ,have you tried blackening the peppers with no oil first on the hot plate ,makes um super tasty

    That's an interesting idea. I'll try it out!

    Looks alright but you forgot the bacon and sausages. :0)

    If you use eggs from pastured chickens, the yolks'll be oranger. (and better for ya)

    This has elements of sweet & sour (depending upon what you do with the lemon). Could you describe how it tastes? L

    The orange peppers are still pretty sweet because they haven't been cooked that long. It resembles a lightly cooked stir-fry with a fried egg.

    This looks so tasty, thanks for the recipe :)