Step 3: Scoop Out the Guts

Take your spoon and scoop all of the orange guts out. There is a method to it. Bring your spoon all the way around the edge to loosen the orange. keep going around deeper and deeper. Once you are right near the bottom, use the spoon as a lever and pry the orange guts out. 5 points if you get them all out in one piece!
How does it taste
Aluminium foil. Is tin foil even on the market anymore? 
It's sold mostly in the region near area 51, and used mainly for hats.&nbsp; :p<br />
I live only 100 miles from area 51
Can you eat the peel? or do you take the muffing out then eat it <br>
IF you want to cut down on the clean up part, put your mix and water in a zip lock bag and just squish to mix, once mixed cut the bottom corner off the bag and just squeeze the batter in your orange like your using a piping bag! Looks yummy, I bet the brownie would be great, orange and chocolate go great together!
think you could <br>A:eat the inards <br>B:make a brownie this way?
Eat the innards? Do you mean the orange or the muffin? You can eat both! And I'm sure you could make a brownie this way, just don't be surprised when you find a citrus flavor in there!
thanks, i men't the oarnge. do you know of any other baked goods in an oarnge <br>ex: pancake <br>cookie?
Pancake I can see happening because it is cooked in a similar way to a muffin. A cookie, on the other hand, I don't think would work, because it wouldn't cook all the way through.
yummy a orange cup shaped pancake
text says:&quot;make sure the brown place where stem once was is facing upward when you cut&quot; ... picture shows dimple end on the bottom, which should put the other end, in the hand.....looks like the cut goes across the middle as opposed to top to bottom... . BTW nice hands even though the aren't yours.
kinda a waste of good inards.
This is pretty smart&amp; awesome! Nice one :D
i love this one its easy and fun ^^
I really love this idea!&nbsp; Of course this also opens the possibilities for other kind of &quot;citrus rind&quot; baking (grapefruit-peel fruit cobbler?), provided you can manage the application of heat.&nbsp; <br /> <br /> When I was in Boy Scouts, we used to take some Jiffy brand yellow cake mix sprinkled on the bottom of a dutch oven, a few cans of fruit filling (cherry or apple was most common) and the rest of the mix on top.&nbsp; Baked (with a lid) in a fire, it was wonderful.&nbsp; But it took quite a while.<br /> <br /> I bet you could also make little mini-pies with your same technique.&nbsp; And no dishes to be done, right?&nbsp; Nice job on the 'ible.&nbsp; Your photos are excellent, too.<br />
Thank you! I take pride in my photagraphy.<br />
mmmmmuffins! We used to do this in cubs when I was a kid, neat how the idea is kept alive and still used. Great job!<br />
Thanks!<br />
that is awsome<br /> <br /> one question though is the tin foil nessessary?
I think that without the foil, the muffin would taste too smokey. You could try it anyway, though!<br />
We make these on camp - we usually put both halves of the peel back together before wrapping the foil around them, and then just leave them in the glowing embers until the cubs get bored waiting.<br />
Yeah, I usually put the top of the orange back on too, but I decided that I would get more muffins if I didn't.<br />

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