Orange Peel Flamethrower


Introduction: Orange Peel Flamethrower

No, this has nothing to do with textured plaster. Basically, you just squeeze some orange peel towards a flame, and you get more fire. Check it out.

Step 1: Get Orange Peel and a Lighter

-Get an orange, peel it and eat it. Keep the peel. Other citrus fruit will work too.
-Get a lighter, candle, high voltage arc, or other source of ignition.

Step 2: Burn, Baby, Burn!

Wad up some of the orange peel in your hand and squeeze it. Orange oil will come out in a fine mist. Try not to get this into your eyes; it will most likely hurt a lot. It does smell nice, though.

Do this near a flame, and you will see little jets of flame due to the burning oil. If you throw a section of orange peel into a bigger fire, you might see little jets popping off the surface as the cells boil and explode. This will not smell quite so nice, though.

There must be some way of extracting this oil in large quantities, maybe for use in orange-scented floor cleaners, or to add a fruity aroma to burning biodiesel. Just a thought.

Oh, and remember: I'm not responsible for any loss of life, limb, property, or eyebrows resulting from the use of this instructable. Have fun!



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    WHERE CAN I GET A ZIPPO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    6 replies

    I've found two zippos. Both rusted beyond repair.

    if theyr genuine zippos u could send dem 2 zippo nd get new ones

    im pretty sure if was genuine they wouldn't rust because they are made of brass not sure about the insert tho

    learned this from the guy with the youtube channel "cutlery love" Check the pins holding the flint wheel and the cam. If they are brass than its fake. Also, check the bottom of the lighters for a single letter, if the letter is beyond L in the order of the alphabet, than its a fake. this is because they use those numbers to mark which month the zippo was made in. ( and i just realized im commenting on a post made about 3 years ago... lol

    if im correct try just type zippo.

    So does this mean that lemons are combustible?

    1 reply

    Is the orange peel juice just orange oil?

    Hi i ve also found this about four years later. it works even beter if you put it in hot, liquid paraphine.

    this is cool :)  i allways used to spit high proof rum at a lighter or light a bit of gasoline on fire when i was a kid, that was fun. :) i'll try this some time =D

    could you possibly use a pestle and mortar to crush the skin. then soak the powder in water for a few days, then use the sifting method to get the oil.

    Ive read on the web if you soak them for 10 days in water, you can extract the oil

    Another method is to boil the peels for 1 minute

    Yet another method involves simmering the peels in water for a few hours.

    Im trying the 10 Day Version. The water smells nice and orangey so far, but I dont know if its actually a cleaning solution.

    I have a collection of zippos from my grandpa so those will be put to good use!

    will this work if I add this to a new lighter instead of petrol?

    3 replies

    it'll take too many oranges to make enough for lighter fluid. when you squeeze the peel a fine mist of oil sprays out.

    giant citrus fruits will do then... :)

    if you were to squeeze an entire orange it may work...I'm not responsible for what happens whether it be explosions or some cool fire. any loss is your fault.