My better half showed me this one, seemingly 'everyone knows this', I must have been off sick that day. Produces a fantastic autumnal citrus aroma.

Step 1: Ingredients

Orange and about 20g of cloves

Step 2: Insert Cloves

Using a sharp point, pierce the orange peel and stick the cloves in. I found that trying to push the cloves directly in to the orange caused the head to disintegrate.. and thats where all the clovey goodness is.

Step 3: Place Near a Warm Object

You can turbo charge the airfreshner by placing it somewhere that will accelerate the drying process. We have placed it over a bedside lamp, holder is made from a wire coat hanger
<p>My pomander ball keeps growing mold no matter what. Any tips?</p>
<p>Interesting. I'm wondering if it's the type of oranges you're using. I could see a juicy thin skinned orange getting moldy. Try finding a variety with thick skin. Also, this is over a heat source that causes it to dry out quickly, that will avoid mold.</p><p>If it's still a problem. Spraying a 50:50 mix of vinegar on any fruit is a great way to stop mold.</p>
I always like to keep airfresheners around.
ROFL oh that is epic, I almost died laughing
You can buy cloves much cheaper in large bags at middle eastern or asian markets. I bought a pound for under $5.
I made one 4 years ago - it still works!! it works better if you cover it more completely - I covered it totally
doesnt it eventually begin to mold and get rotten?!
awesome, just made one! I like being methodical (read OCD) about clove placement, it's not perfect but it does follow the number 6, vs say a regular 4 or 8.<br />
Nice One but i can use only orange ????
I've heard of people using apples, but your mileage may vary.
i think any kind of smallish citrus works well-i've used limes with good success!<br />
I like to completley cover the orange in cloves, and instead of poking individual holes,&nbsp;I use a fork-4 holes in one jab tee hee hee
Off the subject, I have this same lamp. It's a three-way touch-lamp from Target, right? I swear to God that it has an ETERNA-bulb in it or something. For three years, we've used this every night as a night-light in our hall for the kids. Sometimes, it accidentally gets left on all day. At least, it stays on 12 hours each night. I guess it's the low-setting, but three years later, it's still working on the <em><strong>same damned bulb </strong></em>we put in it when we bought it. Maybe someone's changing it secretly, I dunno. I want to bronze that bulb when it finally kicks out. <br/>
There's a really old bulb from around the turn of the century in a California firefighter department that's been burning for just over 100 years, iirc. It's spiffy. :) They covered it in an episode of Mythbusters.
thanks, i made this for my mom.
me 2 just like a minute ago she loves it
i didn't know about this either but tell her i said thanks because my room really smells
in the summer, they keep wasps away from food at bbq`s and food!
Even if the climate isn't dry enough, if you notice the orange is starting to go bad, you can microwave the pomander for about 1 minute on high once a week, and it will slowly dry out. The deterioration process stops. I've got a couple for about 3 years now, and they still smell great!
actually, if you make them in a dry enough climate, they will dry out and not rot. i've had a couple for more than ten years in a bowl in an old china cabinet.
the citrus aroma comes from the peel of the orange not the flesh, so perhaps a mod would be to cut an orange in half and scoop the flesh out (and eat it ofcourse) then poke the cloves through the hollow hemispherical orange-skin. That way you do't have to worry about the fruit going off, the skin will simply dry up.
they DO NOT last forever, even if completely covered w/ cloves. they will eventually go soft and rotten and gross.
Mentos fails compared to this Freshmaker
Certainly use other stuff. There are plenty of recipies on the internet. I would imagine any fruit with a thick skin (e.g. a lemon but not an apple) would world. Also anything with a strong smell, e.g. Lime but not a banana. So maybe its just citrus fruit (a banana could get super messy) but this is would be a great way to mix and match scents and avoid polluting the air in your house with chemical airfreshners. Good luck - pauric
I used to totally cover the orange or apple with cloves so you couldn't see the fruit at all. I think then it lasts forever and you can put it in a drawer as a potpourri.
Another use for these is to drop them into appple cider for flavor.
Also carried and held in fron of the nose by the wealthy in tudor england as a way to mask the stench of the streets
We used to make these every Christmas. They are called pomanders.
Whatever you may think this WILL NOT WORK if you sub in a lychee for the orange.
I remember spending a Christmas, making these as presents, for sticking in decorated cloth bags to freshen drawers and stuff. I'm sure there's a word for it. My wife tells me that that they smell even better if they've been rolled in cinnimon.

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