OrangeClove Pomander (airfreshner)





Introduction: OrangeClove Pomander (airfreshner)

My better half showed me this one, seemingly 'everyone knows this', I must have been off sick that day. Produces a fantastic autumnal citrus aroma.

Step 1: Ingredients

Orange and about 20g of cloves

Step 2: Insert Cloves

Using a sharp point, pierce the orange peel and stick the cloves in. I found that trying to push the cloves directly in to the orange caused the head to disintegrate.. and thats where all the clovey goodness is.

Step 3: Place Near a Warm Object

You can turbo charge the airfreshner by placing it somewhere that will accelerate the drying process. We have placed it over a bedside lamp, holder is made from a wire coat hanger



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    Thank You for posting.. I received a OLD BLUE Ball canning jar with it filled with these clove balls in it. Never seeing them before I thought it was cloves grown in this form of the little balls. I also found a recipe on AZURE to keep them from molding while making. I am looking forward to making these. Thank You as your picture post was how I found out what these fragrant little balls were as mine were dried up to a small size so they could of been made with limes. Again Thank You

    I like to completley cover the orange in cloves, and instead of poking individual holes, I use a fork-4 holes in one jab tee hee hee

    Good tip :)

    My pomander ball keeps growing mold no matter what. Any tips?

    Interesting. I'm wondering if it's the type of oranges you're using. I could see a juicy thin skinned orange getting moldy. Try finding a variety with thick skin. Also, this is over a heat source that causes it to dry out quickly, that will avoid mold.

    If it's still a problem. Spraying a 50:50 mix of vinegar on any fruit is a great way to stop mold.

    I always like to keep airfresheners around.

    ROFL oh that is epic, I almost died laughing

    You can buy cloves much cheaper in large bags at middle eastern or asian markets. I bought a pound for under $5.

    I made one 4 years ago - it still works!! it works better if you cover it more completely - I covered it totally