Orbeez on Fire | Orbeez Experiment


Introduction: Orbeez on Fire | Orbeez Experiment


Step 1: In This Instructables I Show You How to Make Orbeez Experiment, What Will Happen If You Fry Orbeez?

You need: orbeez and water!

Step 2: This Simple Science Experiment You Can Do at Home, Is So Cool and Very Easy!

I placed Orbeez in a frying pan and turned on the fire! I wanted to see what would happen because I heard they go crazy and bounce for a really long time and make a crazy noise! That's exactly what happened! It bounces around and doesn't melt or burn because of the Leidenfrost effect!!!

Step 3: The Leidenfrost Effect Is a Physical Phenomenon.

In the Leidenfrost effect, a liquid - in this case the orbeez outer surface that has water - creates a vapor of steam or gas because the hot pan vaporizes it and that layer of steam allows the Orbeez to bounce around instead of touching the pan!

Step 4: This Experiment Can Also Be Used As a Fun Kids Science Project!




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