Orc Eyes





Introduction: Orc Eyes

Strike fear into the hearts of your enemies, or add some Apothecary class to your Alchemy shop.

Step 1: Materials

Small ball (1" or so) ((A marble, or plastic ball will work, but I used wooden ones I found))

Base coat, paint (Whatever color you want) ((I use white))

Black Sharpie

Second color (I use yellow)

Third color (I use orange)

Red duct tape

Step 2: The Sclera

Paint the wooden ball with your base coat.

Step 3: The Ocular Nerve

Take a piece of red tape and cut several triangles out of one of the short sides.

Carefully make a long tube by wrapping the tube so the two long sides are overlapping, but make sure you don't fold it. You should have a hollow tube.

Apply to the eye by placing the frayed edges on the ball one at a time.

Twist the rest of the tube so it looks cool.

Step 4: The Pupil

Using the Sharpie, color a small black dot on the eye. (HINT on a real eye, the pupil is just barely offset from the ocular nerve, and not in a perfect line.)

Step 5: The Iris

Using your second color, make a ring around the pupil.

Make a second ring around the first with the third color.

Now, take your second color, and draw small lines from the outer ring into the inner ring, and continue until you are satisfied.

Finnish with a thin black line around the Iris.

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    Simple but effective. I like that! Voted.

    Thanks! I try to use as little as possible, because I'm broke. :3

    Those look fun and creepy :)

    I made this tutorial at school, so I'm walking around holding two eyes and getting the funniest looks!