Picture of Orchard Bunting Wedding Invitations
I (Jono) am getting married this year (to Emily), and this is my wedding invitation, however I cannot take credit for it.

This was designed and made by my sister, Chloe.

She is currently studying 'textiles' at university.

You can check out some of her stuff on her website:

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Step 1: The Brief

Picture of The Brief
Our wedding is during the summertime and is in a marquee in a field/orchard, hence we are going for a country fete style. We asked my sister to design something to incorporate the orchard and encompass the style we were looking for.

(this image taken from under fair usage)

Step 2: Mock Up

Picture of Mock Up
This is what my sister first came up with.

She was unsure of whether the trees should have an outline or not hence why one side is different to the other.

We loved it. The only thing we were unsure about was the fold. We liked the idea of it folding but thought it would be better standing up straighter, So the wording was reduced to allow the fold to be half way down.

Step 3: Additional Infomation

Picture of Additional Infomation
To keep the invite 'clean' we put detailed infomation such as directions etc on a bespoke website that matched the invite - with the bunting being the menu buttons.

We still however had to create an RSVP card. Chloe came up a couple of ideas, but the one we liked was the ice lolly shape as it fit in with the fete theme.

What a great idea where can one get a template to make their invitations like this?

Mr_o_uk (author)  unicornstarr1 year ago

Unfortunately I don't have any files/templates for this. You could trace one of the photos though?

Mr_o_uk (author) 2 years ago
Dont forget to vote for me, and check out my other wedding related instructables. Thanks.
camel572 years ago
Brilliant !