The object is to drop to the bottom while avoiding the pits. Leave a comment on how to improve or just give me your opinion.
<p>Oh, that egg is from a YouTube cartoon called The Crack! Wow!</p>
<p>I don't remember the name of the channel the cartoon is on though.</p>
<p>Element Animation. P.S: The Egg isn't Jason, it's the mustache guy. All he does is appear at random times and nod up and down. He's crazy :3</p>
<p>Lol I remember. XD</p>
<p>The Egg (named Jason), is from a YouTube series called &quot;An Egg's Guide To Minecraft&quot;. So Funny.</p>
<p>Well, yeah. But he originated from a youtube series called &quot;The Crack&quot;.</p>
<p>Why is the first picture an egg? Does it have anything to do with the instructable?</p><p>Just asking! (:</p><p>-J.R.</p>
<p>Can you download minecraft on an iPod? I mean the ones that are like iPhones except they are not phones.</p>
That it is sir. That it is.
mincraft is epic!!!!!!!!
Thx if u read my previous comment u can probably make it
That's amazing
Ah ok the design doesn't permit that cuz the ore part of the block is extended inward and overlaps making complex formations... should I use lapis as on of the sides? Did you even understand that?
This is super cool but you should make it harder (instead of going down try making it go up then down up then down down)
Really cool
Pic 4- BUDDER GEM!!!

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