So, a friend is having another birthday... And he told me he wanted nothing for his birthday. But, since we are in school on his birthday, I asked if he would like a cake at least, just so he can nibble on it through class to feel not as down. And thus, this creation was born!

Cakes are all part of:
Pandora's Box

Step 1: What Ya Need to Get Started!

You Need:
- 2 6" round cakes (I used one chocolate and one vanilla)

- Whipped cream (easy to make, use some heavy whipping cream, a bit of sugar and a splash of vanilla)

- Small offset spatula

- Strawberries or other fresh fruits (optional)

- Oreo cookies (1 package)

- 3 boxes of Oreo Funstix (these are kinda hard to use, be careful not to snap them!)

- The person's favorite color of ribbon to make a pretty bow at the end (I am using blue)

- Some chocolate to melt

- A playlist (at least 24 hours of musik) to make sure you stay sane and happy during the process. I recommend some "happy" musik that makes you feel good.

- Patience, time and perfection.

Let's get going!
<p>Oreos are the best!</p>

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