Oreo Sunflower Cupcakes (m&m Ladybug)





Introduction: Oreo Sunflower Cupcakes (m&m Ladybug)

Who doesn't love oreos and cupcakes? It is this easy to brighten someones day. I love making these cupcakes. They are so easy and fun. Even though I really love oreos and cupcakes, my favorite part is the adorable, simple red m&m  ladybug.

Step 1: You Will Need...

Red m&ms
Black food gel color
Foodsafe paintbrush
Leaf tip #352
Grass tip #233 (optional)
2 piping bags

Step 2:

Pick out he red m&ms. Dip you tiny paintbrush into a little black food coloring. Paint the little head and draw a line down the middle of the back. Then  make a few dots and both sides of the the line. Voila, you have a cute little ladybug.

Cut off the dome of all of your cupcakes. Pipe a little icing to keep the oreo in place. Put the oreo on the top of the cupcake.

Step 3:

Prepare some yellow icing (medium consistency) with a leaf tip #352. Squeeze, pull, and let go. Repeat this around the whole oreo. If you want you can practice this method on a plate or something. Then on top of that layer of petals do another, making the petals a little smaller. Then pipe the last layer of petals  a little on top of the oreo.(right inside the little ridge) Then just place you cute little ladybug on top of the flower.

Step 4:

If you want you can pipe some green grass around the cupcakes to finish it off. I think it looks nice to add some more color.



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    These are beautiful!

    These are beautiful!

    You are just too amazing sometimes! This is just hands down awesome!

    Oh ,thank you so much. Stay tuned. I am going to try to post an instructable on plumeria cupcakes. I love pretty flowers.

    plumerias are my favorite!!!!!!!!! I can't wait.

    Oh great. I love them too. I have a pink plumeria tree and a white and yellow one. Both small though. I will be finished with that instructable tomorrow. I would be happy to send you a link when I am done.Thank you for looking at my instructable.

    I've seen this idea before in my friends cupcake decorating book and online, I've always wanted to try them!