Picture of Oreo Truffles
How to make these easy, yet delicious treats.

Step 1: Gather

Picture of Gather
1. One 8oz package softened cream cheese
2. One 16 oz package Oreos
3. 12 oz of bittersweet baking chocolate

Other items
1. Cookie sheet
2. Waxed paper
3. Microwave safe bowl
4. Large mixing bowl
5. Wooden spoon
6. Two forks

Yield: About 30 truffles

What about making a version of these with the birthday cake Oreos?
powerd063 years ago
Awesome!! tnx!
Nequito4 years ago
I have exactly made 30 truffles,iwish it gets delicious because my sister is experimenting with them
dtudor4 years ago
These are also delicious and pretty when drizzles with white chocolate
eulaliaaaa!4 years ago
Those look SO good! Great job!
ryry20114 years ago
we are makeing them for are hole family

Triblade1014 years ago
Thanks for the instructable! I'm going to a party Friday and now I have something tasty to take. :D
ducky542624 years ago
These are amazing! I've made them with every type of oreo, and personally I find the mint oreos covered with white chocolate are the best ....delicious! :) They went over very well at an office Christmas party. You can also shape them into footballs for the super bowl!
I think i will make these for my girlfriend valentines day, they look fantastic.
xKari4 years ago
what do you do with the oreo filling? do you take them out? or just leave it while you crush the oreos?

looks delicious!~! <3
ana05 (author)  xKari4 years ago
Just leave the cream in. It mixes in well when you crush the cookies, and keeps the Oreo flavor.
xKari ana054 years ago
ooooh thanks! =D now i just need to get some oreos and the chocolate as well as the cheese =PP
Kaiven4 years ago
Those look delicious!