Oreo Milkshake





Introduction: Oreo Milkshake

so... i wanted to make a quick, yet delicious milkshake that could be done in a couple of minutes and needs only a few ingredients, and suddenly.. it hit me like a lightning bolt ! why not make an oreo milkshake ?!
Warning : This recipe is totally addictive !
Enjoy !

Step 1: Ingredients

These are the ingredients for 1 cup :
- 1 glass of milk ( if you wanna make 2 cups, you'll need 1.5 glasses not 2)
- 1 scoop of icecream
- 3 oreo pieces
- chocolate syrup (optional)

- blender
- icecream scooper
- cup
- straw (optional)

ps: there are more oreos here since i made more drinks that time..

Step 2: Milk + Icecream

You'll need 1 cup of milk for each cup you'll make and 1 icecream scoop..
again: if you'll make 2 cups, you'll need 1.5 cups of milk :)

Step 3: Oreo + Blender

You'll need to put the oreos (better if they're a bit crushed), the milk and the icecream and blend 'em a ll together.. !

Step 4: Chocolate Syrup

The syrup is optional, yet i highly recommend it:
put some syrup at the bottom, pour the whole blended thing, and then put syrup at the top and add a straw if you want to !
Enjoy :)



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    awesome recipe i dont crush the oreo as i like it chunky!!!!!!!

    1 reply

    I crush them since not all blenders are strong enough.. mine is but some put them without crushing them their blenders are broken..
    glad you liked it !

    Nice. I'll have to make one for my wife to see how she likes it.

    1 reply

    Glad you like it !
    Please let me know how it turns out :)!