Introduction: Orgami Story Telling

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This origami boat figure tells a story of a boy traveling on a boat while you fold it. This is the end figure but from start to finish there are 4 different figures this fold makes.

Step 1: Cootie Catcher Base

Picture of Cootie Catcher Base

Fold a cootie catcher base. Start with square piece of paper and fold all the corners to the middle.

Step 2: Fold the Side Edges to the Middle

Picture of Fold the Side Edges to the Middle

Fold the side edges to the middle

Step 3: Accordian Fold the Rectangle

Picture of Accordian Fold the Rectangle

Accordion fold the rectangle. Make sure the side with the "flaps" is facing towards you.

Step 4: Pull Out a Corner Flap

Picture of Pull Out a Corner Flap

Pull out a corner flap and crease along the inner uncreased edge

Step 5: Now We Start the Story

Picture of Now We Start the Story

Repeat step 4 for all four corners. Now we can start telling the story.

There is a small island boy and he goes out fishing one day in his boat. A fine two hulled boat he and his father made. (make some floaty motions with the boat)

Step 6: Making a Box

Picture of Making a Box

So look inside the one of the hulls of your boat and there will be one of those corners you folded to the middle in step 1.

We are now making a "box" for our story.

Step 7: The Tackle Box

Picture of The Tackle Box

So the boy sailed far out to sea and started fishing. He opened a tackle box he had made himself. The sky became dark and the boy in his small boat was lost at sea and washed up on a strange shore at the gate of a great city.

Step 8: Folding the Gate to the City

Picture of Folding the Gate to the City

Now fold the gate to the city figure. Close the box back up flat and then do the following steps. fff

Step 9: The Kings Gift.

Picture of The Kings Gift.

Story: The boy was taken by guards to see the king of the city. The boy being polite knew that he should give a gift to a king but having nothing else of his own gave the king his tackle box. The king was so touched by the boys gift that he gave the boy a fine ship with a sail that would take him home.


rejarhas (author)2009-04-13

i do not what you do next in step 9 please explain more

AznPanda (author)2008-11-01

Soo toucing T.T sob sob sob lol

nicktl (author)2008-04-03

on step 6 i cant see what you're doing at all please update the fourth picture on step 6!!!

Hawaii00000 (author)2007-12-17

Sob. sob. So touching

beanz (author)2007-12-16

I had a book with this story in when I was (much) younger. The final boat was a little better though. It was more like this gondola.

GorillazMiko (author)2007-12-13

nice instructable!

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