Organic Garden Nutrient Bomb





Introduction: Organic Garden Nutrient Bomb

This little contraption will deliver a concentrated nutrient boost to your growing area for tasty and organic veg. Perfect for early autumn and winter soil rejuvenation.

Step 1: Gather You Materials

For this little project you will need a drill and drill bit plus a 4" pipe and a small clay pot with the same size as the pipe( little bigger) to use it to cover it at the end.
Oh you will also need some worms

Step 2: Drill the Holes

Use your drill and bit to make lots of small holes in the bottom 30 cm of the pipe
Use a big hole attachment to make a few larger holes if you have one

Step 3: Make a Hole and Fix Into the Ground

Dig a whole about 30 cm deep snd secure the pipe in the upright position
With the holes buried into the ground

Step 4: Fill It Up

First use some kitchen scrap to add to the bottom inside the pipe followed by some soil. I use my digging tool to use to add the soil on the top

Step 5: Get Some Worms

If you have worms add some to the top of the mix and they will start the nice juicing process

Step 6: Cover It Up

Keep filling your pipe until it fool and jeep adding food soil snd worms in that order.
Place a pipe inside each growing area to give it a special organic nutrient boost.



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Great idea! May I suggest adding a few slits to the side walls above the soil line to allow for air and gas release :)

1 reply

No expert here but I think that would make it really easy for pests and flies to find. Probably not the best idea.

Great Idea! Definitely I will use it in my garden. One question though, have you experienced some kind of bugs, or pest in the plants? Maybe atracted for the organic food you put in there? Thanks a lot!

1 reply

i ve never had a problem with it and it seems that the final step (covering the top ) is vital to keep pest away

We have a dozen or so of these scattered around the garden. The results have been amazing. You do need to keep the worms fed though, otherwise they either die or escape through the holes I suppose in search of food.... I also found cutting horizontal slots in the lower end easier and less time consuming than drilling a bunch of holes. The seal /cover top is essential otherwise you will start a fly farm as well....

1 reply

nice ....glad to see it works for you too