Organic Homestead - Smallholding

All our projects are about aspects of our daily life; a return to a simple yet fulfilling way of living far from the madding crowd. Here we share some of our ideas with you. Maybe you already are, or perhaps you are just thinking about becoming, a 'happy peasant'. Here's hoping you find some of this helpful and thought-provoking. Best Wishes Sue and Andy
Pallet Hen House Chicken Coop in under 3 mins. Poulailler palette. Gallinero paleta en 3 minutos style
Here is our pallet wood hen house design and it's the third one we have made for our garden. Stanislas and friends have been waiting for this since Christmas and just today the rain stopped!
Pallet Wood Hen House & Prototype for Our Own Tiny House - Assembly. Costs less than 25 Euros/Dollars. Gallinero de madera de palet reciclada style
Our original pallet wood hen house - chicken coop design, made from untreated pallet wood. Part Two takes you through the assembly and finishing.
Untreated Pallet Wood Hen House Design & Construction. Poulailler de bois de palette. Gallinero de madera de palet style
Part One of our pallet wood hen house taking you through the design concepts, materials and fabrication.
Red Mites - Organic Poultry - 3 Solutions. Traitement pou rouge. Tratamiento de los ácaros rojos style
Three ways to treat red mite aka Dermanyssus gallinae and a chance to play with two elemental forces.
Quail Overwintering in the Greenhouse. Organic Forest Gardening. Mes cailles travaillant dans la serre. Mis codornices de trabajo en el invernadero style
Part of my Quail Diaries - raising quail organically with a mother hen.
Discovering Oxford Sandy and Black Pigs. Scottish Organic Smallholding. Highland Homestead Part 1. Fermette écossaise - cochons de race rare. Granja escocesa - Los cerdos de raza rara style
Back home to Scotland visting my sister on her organic homestead and meeting Tiger and friends, her rare breed, ancient Sandy and Black pigs.
Renewable energy - Wood chip boiler for a private home. Case Study -  Heating from Hedges. Chaudière à bois déchiqueté  Caldera de astillas style
From hedgerow to hearth. A visit to friends Michael, Lydie and family and a step-by-step guide to their wood chip heating system.
How to make your own storage heater from strawcrete and stone - Part 1. Brico ecolo radiateur. Bricolaje calentador ecológico  style
Our lovely warm stone storage heater - Part One - making the strawcrete insulating pad