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In this Instructable I will show you how to make a cheap and easy Organic Insect Repellent, in both a cream & handy spray form!
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Step 1: How to Make The Spray

Picture of How to Make The Spray

For the handy spray you will need:

5ml Neem Oil
2ml washing up liquid, or soap (organic)
1L Water
1x Spray bottle (clean)

1: Add 5ml of Neem Oil to the 1L of Water (or 5% Neem if you want to make a different quantity).

2: Add 2ml emulsifying agent, like washing up liquid or soap.

3: Decanter into a clean spray bottle, shake and apply directly to exposed skin.

Step 2: How To Make The Cream

Picture of How To Make The Cream

To make the cream you will need:

4ml Neem oil
100ml Shea butter and coconut oil moisturizer

1: mix the oil into the shea butter and coconut oil moisturizer, and apply to exposed skin.
I read once in "Prevention" Magazine that if you take added Thiamin (vitamin B-1), that once you get a certain level in your body, the mosquitos don't want to have anything to do with you. I tried it, and it worked so well that I didn't need any spray of any kind. It's just hard to remember to take an extra vitamin just to be able to walk outside without being bombarded, but there are worse things. It also seemed that any other bug didn't want any part of me, either. There is a theory I also read somewhere (?) mosquitos are attracted to some certain types of blood. I don't know, but they have always loved me, and my type is B+. I would think that taking the extra B-1 would be more healthy than putting poisin on your skin everyday, and being bitten by mosquitoes that may eventually carry disease. I also noticed that after an evening of a few alcoholic beverages, I am particularly appealing to mosquitoes. There's an argument for tea-totaling!!
you could go the more high tech route and build an electronic Mosquito Repellent - there's one on Stripboard HERE
ssangra2 years ago

Plant ginger in a pot....when it grows leaves u will find that mosquitoes get repelled by the scent of the plant. Ginger will multiply below the ground u can have 2 benefits ...freedom from mosquitoes and fresh ginger.
rimar20004 years ago
I had never read about this plant or that oil. I live in Argentina, I searched a Spanish translation, not found. I have no idea if one can get that oil here.
Hi, you can found in Brazil in some petshops and Plant Stores.
Here is some for sale in Argentina-
Thanks, very much.
gserrano7014 years ago
Great natural approach, I think you could do without the soap by just giving the bottle a good shake before applying to the skin, that way you'd be even more natural.
Is there an alternative that I could hang somewhere in the room and have a pleasant, quiet night sleep instead of applying it to the skin? I live in Colombia, right in the tropic, there are times when the mosquitos don't let you sleep.
Doval4 years ago
I love this idea. Isn't 5ml only 0.5% of 1L though? Did you mean 50 ml per 1L of water? (Or 100 ml of water per 5 ml of oil.)
RedMeanie4 years ago
I will give this a shot. I live on the Texas Gulf Coast and the Mosquito's are VICIOUS and Huge. None of the Natural organic concoctions have worked for me yet. I hate spraying "Off" on my 2 yr old but if we don't they tear her up! Also Just wondering How Neem oil is used as a Contraceptive? I guess I can Google it, but I have never heard that one before?
rimar20004 years ago
I had never read about this plant or that oil. I live in Argentina, I searched a Spanish translation, not found. I have no idea if one can get that oil here.
It's of asian origin and is usually grown in India. They use it in almost everything from soap to toothpaste.
Thank, very much. Surely here is something new, I went to Mercado Libre Argentina and I saw that this oil is quite expensive.
icecreamterror (author)  rimar20004 years ago
The Latin name is 'Azadirachta indica' if that is any help?
Thanks, very much.
Pure vanilla extract works great to repel mosquitos. No mixing or prep, just wipe it on exposed skin.
Is not the vanilla smell worse than mosquito bites? ;)
Not to me, no. I like the way it smells.