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Introduction: Organic Mobile Phone Speaker Fully 3D Printable

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Saw a similar design on the internet (can't remember where) and thought 'that is cool, I wonder if I could make my own version'. After playing around on Creo 3D design programme I came up with this.

Step 1: Image From Creo

this is a screen shot from Creo showing the design in progress.

Step 2: Choose Your Side

Now when designing this I realised that not all phones have the speaker in the same place, so check your phone and choose the file with the correct hole orientation for your speaker.

Step 3: In One

Now you can choose how you want to print the speaker, there are two options available for each design.

Either choose the complete or the split versions, the split versions will be 'base' and 'top' which you glue together, or use the complete version which will need support removal.

Don't panic,the support is very easy to remove through the holes using pliers and tweezers.

Print with high infill and choose your colour

Step 4: Add Your Phone

Choose your favourite music and put your phone in and listen away.

Now depending on where you put the speaker (ie. what you put it on) the sound can change from a deep base (wood objects) to a subtle sound.


Step 5: Stl. Files

use these to print, pick the right ones for your phone


if you do not have a 3d printer, I can print for you or use 3D hubs (I am also on there)

Step 6:

just a few more views



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    thanks and having tried it I can confirm it works (that is my phone in the pictures) :)

    Just uploaded video to show it working

    Thanks and enjoy

    can I ask why you want my 3D files?

    thanks for your interest

    3 replies

    @JeremyCon - I am curious as to why you are asking this question as you released the plans as part of the instructable with your other projects but not this project?

    I am just curious to, as this is my only instructable so far on this site,
    I don't mind sharing my 'plans' which is why I uploaded this instructable with the stl. files for personal use. just curious as to why the 3D files I designed are required?
    happy to help

    Sorry guys

    I understand what you mean now

    have added the stl. files in step 5

    sorry for any misunderstanding on my part.



    2 years ago

    Where is the 3d files? Can you share?