Organic Paint Brushes





Introduction: Organic Paint Brushes

Hello everyone!

a few weeks back I was making some boho gypsy organic bangle bracelets! And started to want to see if I can make my own paint brushes. (mainly got inspired to do so from roaming Pinterest and seeing how other people made some.

However, I used Mongolian wool for the brush itself. And simply found me some sticks to use.

I made a big slit in the stick (where I wanted the hair to be) and firstly glued down the hair so that it was flat. (flat enough to where it could fit into the slit I made within the stick) Lol I hope that makes sense!

Then I tied some thread around it to make it nice and tight, and used some gorilla glue to hold it in place.

It's really amazing how nice and natural it looks! (well maybe not natural but you know what I mean!)

I might end up making a tutorial soon if I got time! :)

But as of right now I am also trying to make my own ink for drawing and I might do that within a video on my youtube channel! I might even make a mini-series on how I'm making my organic nature like art supplies ;D



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