With a few bold carving strokes (and the help of an apple corer), transform a few simple cucumbers into these guest-pleasing shot glasses

These organic cucumber shot glasses are an amazing way to get your next party started. They are a great accompaniment to tequila, gin, vodka or even sake. They look stunning and are a pleasure to hold in your hand. They impart a gentle cucumber accent, but are mostly about the texture and visual effect.

Step 1: Ingredients & Tools

3-4 large organic cucumbers. as straight as possible ( yield 2  to 3 glasses per cucumber depending on size)

coarse flake salt (such as a fleur de sel)

apple corer

6-inch chef's knife
3-inch paring knife
(both knives preferably Wusthof, as they have the best carving edge) 

As a child who used to bite the sides out of glasses, I welcome your organic substitute.
Cutco is better than Wusthof. :P
Martha Stewart did this a loooonnnggg time ago... thank you for reminding me of it; now that I'm of drinking age, I'd like to try this.
Looks like it'd be great for an inside-out Pimm's Cup.<br><br>http://www.bonappetit.com/recipes/2010/04/the_pimms_cup
I'm off to the store.......................&gt;
This just screams for Hendricks gin.
I guess at the end of the party the clean up is simple on the shot glasses. You just eat them right. &quot;Hey Lucy I'm home&quot; said Ricky Recardo.
scoochmaroo did something similar to this to make stuffed zucchini, if I remember correctly, and used a large drill bit to core the zucchini. It might work well in this instance too, and alleviate the need to chip out core once you have it cut.
When i was a child my grandma used to make those glasses to make me eat cucumber! =D

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