Organic Shot Glasses

Picture of Organic Shot Glasses
With a few bold carving strokes (and the help of an apple corer), transform a few simple cucumbers into these guest-pleasing shot glasses

These organic cucumber shot glasses are an amazing way to get your next party started. They are a great accompaniment to tequila, gin, vodka or even sake. They look stunning and are a pleasure to hold in your hand. They impart a gentle cucumber accent, but are mostly about the texture and visual effect.
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Step 1: Ingredients & Tools

Picture of Ingredients & Tools
3-4 large organic cucumbers. as straight as possible ( yield 2  to 3 glasses per cucumber depending on size)

coarse flake salt (such as a fleur de sel)

apple corer

6-inch chef's knife
3-inch paring knife
(both knives preferably Wusthof, as they have the best carving edge) 

Step 2:

Picture of
Lay the first cucumber flat on a cutting board and slice both of the tapered ends off so what remains is an even cylinder.

Cut the cucumber crosswise into 2 inch cylinders. Each cucumber should yield at least 2 shot glasses. Continue down the length of the cucumber to make as many 2 inch cylinders as possible. Repeat for each cucumber.

Stand up cucumber sections on end and make sure they are level and even -- now is the time to make any adjustments.

Square off each cucumber by slicing top to bottom to create a square shape (see photo). You should aim to have little of dark green skin at the corners as it makes the shot glass more dramatic.

Set aside the slices you just cut off, as you will later use them to make matchstick stirrers.

Step 3: Core Cumcumber

Picture of Core Cumcumber
Insert an apple corer into the top of each squared cucumber and hollow out the center. Leave 1/2 inch at bottom of cucumber so liquid won't leak out.

Use a paring knife to clean out any remaining seeds or rough edges.

Cut  reserved cucumber slices into matchsticks. Set aside.
Treknology3 years ago
As a child who used to bite the sides out of glasses, I welcome your organic substitute.
sboyle63 years ago
Cutco is better than Wusthof. :P
Martha Stewart did this a loooonnnggg time ago... thank you for reminding me of it; now that I'm of drinking age, I'd like to try this.
crummett3 years ago
Looks like it'd be great for an inside-out Pimm's Cup.

onrust3 years ago
I'm off to the store.......................>
shadekat3 years ago
This just screams for Hendricks gin.
Sunnedaez3 years ago
I guess at the end of the party the clean up is simple on the shot glasses. You just eat them right. "Hey Lucy I'm home" said Ricky Recardo.
hvansick3 years ago
scoochmaroo did something similar to this to make stuffed zucchini, if I remember correctly, and used a large drill bit to core the zucchini. It might work well in this instance too, and alleviate the need to chip out core once you have it cut.
gabry2073 years ago
When i was a child my grandma used to make those glasses to make me eat cucumber! =D