Organise Your Money With a K'nex Money Clip!





Introduction: Organise Your Money With a K'nex Money Clip!

Have money, but don't like carrying a wallet around? Have some K'nex lying around in the closet? Well, it's time to take 'em out, cause guess what's in trend now... a K'nex Money Clip!

For those who don't know, a money clip is basically a device used to hold your money and/or credit cards in a compact way. It is quite useful, as it is not a bulky as a wallet, and keeps your money tightly in place.

So now, it is time to make your very own "K'nex Money Clip"!

Here are some features of the K'nex money clip:

  1. Super compact, so it's easy to fit in your pocket!
  2. Can hold upto 20 notes folded in half!
  3. You can adjust the holding strength, as it works on a rubberband!
  4. It's durable!

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Did You Know?: Money clips are not only made out of metal, but also made out of carbon fibre (Which is quite rare). The magnetic money clip is generally made of two strong flat rectangular or round magnets encased in leather, with a small piece of leather separating the two pieces and allowing them to swivel into a closed and open position. And now, we all know that they can be made out of K'nex too! ;)

Step 1: Making the Base

Alright, so in this step, we will be making the base which is slightly bigger than the top. This is because it will become the base of holding your money in place. It should be quite simple. Don't forget about the spacers on the blue rod!

Step 2: Making the Top

Now to make the top of the clip. This part will help you to prevent your cash from falling off the base. This step is easy-peasy too!

Step 3: Joining the Top to the Base

You'll also need a white rod for this step. Connect both of the pieces and proceed on to adding the rubber band. You are nearly done!

Step 4: Adding Rubber Bands!

Take a rubber band and wrap it around twice the clip. Now, lock the rubber band in place as shown. It should now close by itself once it's open. This is the main mechanism of the money clip.

Step 5: You're Finished!

Woohoo! You're done! Now take some money and try placing it in. Take a snapshot of it and please add it to the comments! It's highly appreciated!

Thank you for viewing my instructable. Please vote for me in the contest as well!



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I had an idea like this but it was a wallet but this is cool any way

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Wow this feature is a little late but good job anyway

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Seems I have two apprentices. :P Great one!

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