Organise your scarves so you can see them all and they are easy to get to. Scarves are something I have lots of, I've tried many ways of organising them (including making mini 'washing lines' in a cupbard and pinning them all up with washing pegs) and I think this is the best.

Step 1: First Get Your Rolls

My coworkers were kind enough to help me with this step; of course eventually I'd have had enough but it was great to be able to start straight away

Step 2: Folding and Rolling

I find it best to fold most of the scarves into 4 before rolling them into the cardboard.

Step 3: Finished (maybe)

After I had finished the blue/pink drawer I thought maybe I should decorate the front cylinders.

Step 4: Gold Paint

I decided to paint the front cylinders with gold spray paint. Because I was worried about overspray I found a box and put the cardboard cylinders in it. To hold them in place I taped them to the bottom. One coat wasn't enough, two was better but I don't know if it was worth it.

Step 5: Gold Leaf

I had a book of gold leaf from another project, so why not decorate a few rolls with gold!

Step 6: Finished

Shiney makes everything better.
Great instructable. I featured it in a scarg holder round up at <a href="http://storagegeek.tumblr.com/post/11392081993/storage-solutions-scarves-and-hijabs-part-one-of">Storage Geek</a> with full credit and link back. Cheers.
what an awesome instructable! it will make my life easier! thank you :D
Cool! That is very pretty (and obviouisly useful). Could you also do an instructable on how to wear all those scarves? I am always at a loss in that department.
Guess what works for <a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.instructables.com/id/TP-Roll-Organizer-Box-instructable/">cables</a> will work for scarves :-)<br/>
I love your cable management Instructable. When I saw your Instructable I almost didn't publish my scarves - but I love a deadline to finish something so I persevered and now really enjoy the neatness it has brought to 2 drawers.
Thanks. I have a friend who is going to put them inside a picture frame, when she finishes it I'll ask her to take a photo.
nice, I didn't even think of storing mine this way. I've got a ton of bandanas/headscarves and have been looking for a way to organize them other than pinning them to my cork board. *considers building a honey-comb shaped wall shelf to put my tubed scarves into*

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