Organizaton of the Acursed Bobby Pins




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Introduction: Organizaton of the Acursed Bobby Pins

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There are many methods of organizing your massive amounts of bobby pins so you don't loose them so easily, like I do. This method came to me late last night as I was further feeding my tic-tac addiction. It seems very efficient and works out quite well.

Step 1: Supplies

Bobby Pins, what few you have left that haven't gone missing into the oblivion and/or the dark depths of that cute purse you only used once.

A tic tac box

Your mouth, for eating the tic-tac's

Something to peel off the label from the box if it really bothers you

Step 2: Pretty Simple From Here on Out.

Open box lid, insert bobby pins, close lid, don't lose box full of bobby pins.



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    thanks for sharing! also, the small altoids mint box is the prefect size to store bobby pins!

    What a great idea, I always loose mine. I think I'll go ahead and pick one up when I go to the market.

    Another good storage container is the old med bottles. I use them for quarters, bobby pins, Q tips, and dried herbs. Doodado

    Great idea! We used to use the plastic "cans" that rolls of film come in for the same purpose.

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    Film Canisters have so many uses!