Organize All Those Shopping Bags in 30s W/this Forbes & Tutorial





Introduction: Organize All Those Shopping Bags in 30s W/this Forbes & Tutorial

Is your kitchen overflowing and overrun with all those shopping bags? Could you use a simple & free solution? In this simple tutorial, you can learn how to fold your way to a fab-u-lous fix!

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    I will say when I first saw this I went nah, too much effort and time. Well, when I got home from wally world today I went ahead and did it. Oh my goodness...a little more time than stuffing them all in one bag, but so worth it. Problem now is I have all those stuffed in my pantry to do~lol

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    Yep, just a few more seconds! And, yes, can't quite look at the pantry the same. LOL! Got kids, nieces, nephews? Get them to help...make a contest out of it... Thanks for posting!


    Great idea. I'm gonna go home today and start folding. Thanks.

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    Yes, it's quite a handy organizational tip. Also when you set out to fold a few, one is forced to really look at just HOW many bags we ACTUALLY have! One afternoon, a friend and I sat over tea and cake and folded, folded, folded. Happily she regained pantry space--200+ bags later! Thanks for your thoughts!

    what so special about folding the bags up one by one? I was expecting you to show us how to fold all the bags in 30 sec... now THAT'd be something special to see.

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    Think O-R-I-G-A-M-I. You could easily stack a few bags on top of each other and the job done even faster. Hmmm, if you wanted to take of all of them in 30s, you could put them in the circular file...HAHAHAH! Thanks for your comment. Have a nice one!

    This is a wonderful idea. It will really help organize my kitchen. Thank you so much for share this idea.

    You're welcome! Thanks for your support!

    THANK YOU!!! I didn't expect miracles. i'm excited to find a method to bring order to chaos in my own home! five stars!! and no searching for big bag or small -- it's all right in front of you. WONDERFUL!! shadiyd

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    No, thank you for your vote & time! Really, sometimes, it's just the simple things that can make such a big difference. It's something of an after-shopping-ritual in my house. Hope it becomes one in yours! Thanks again!

    Wow, this is great. I often bring these bags with me in my backpack for reuse and they are a mess and take up lots of room. This is neat. Gets my vote and stars. Thanks for sharing.

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    I appreciate it! Yep, I do the same thing--great for diaper disposal!

    What a great idea, could lead to something special...hummm!

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    Thank you for your vote, your kind words. Sometimes it's the little things in life that make big differences. At least one's bag drawer can be tidy... Now if I can just get to the garage....

    Salaam. So I've voted. InshAllah you win. & YES, Folding bags DOES make it easier to save them; it gives you MORE ROOM! Yay Michelle.....=)

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    Thanks for your vote also! I'm happy for your support!

    Well I've voted for you, but had to sign up to this service to do so. Who knows it looks like an imaginative site so we'll see what ideas come to the forefront. Good luck with your quest.

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    Thanks for your vote! It's really appreciated! Try to use's neat (uh, no pun intended)!