One day I realized I have more Lego's than the normal human usually has. Also I realized how unorganized and unsanitary they were. With that said, I decided it was time I should clean and organize them, So I did.
  In this instructable I will teach you how to clean, organize, and care for these wonderful bricks.

Step 1: What Is Needed

 What you need to find or buy are in the following list.

1.  two Whitmor Kids' 12-bin Organizer( one mattering on how much Lego's you have )
2.  A large sink or bath tub
3.  One or two large tables
4.  Some time( it took me a day )
5.  a radio or ipod. ( optional )
You seem to have sorted them by color. Seems to me it isn't very practical to find a certain piece when you need it. Have you considered doing it precisely opposite, i.e. sorting by bricktype and lumping all the colors together?<br /> <br /> Washing the bricks is good advice though, but don't use hot water as the bricks will deform. Handwarm water and soft soap work pretty good.<br />
What if he sorted them by shape and color?
<br>tip for large quantity of tiny bricks, put them in a pillowcase, close it thightly and throw it in the washingmachine on low temp.
LEGO bath hehe :)
Great job!
Did you do that?!
I know that this is late in coming, but as far as washing Lego, I've put them into a lingerie bag and spread them in a layer, 1-2 bricks deep in the top level of my dishwasher without any ill effects. I remove them before the drying cycle, give the bag a good shake over the sink, pour them into a clean towel and let them air dry. I do hand wash any bricks with graphics on them.<br><br>Suzanne in Orting, WA
the stem should be brown ;)
You could have saved yourself some time by tying the bricks in a pillowcase and putting them through the washing machine.<br />
What a great idea! That never would have occurred to me. Can you use bleach or will that damage them? Thanks so much!<br />
I realized that a few minutes after washing them. thanks for telling me.<br />
Sorting by color is not very useful.&nbsp; You should sort by shape (or groups of shapes, since there are too many shapes). &nbsp;After all, in most cases one does not really care if the brick is red or yellow...<br />
Lego is plural for Lego there is no&nbsp; 's <br />
Really!?! I didn't know that. I'll chance it in a day or so<br />

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