Introduction: Organize Cables by the Hundreds

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I have been collecting cables for a long time. I have tried multiple ways to organize only to end in miserable failure. The problem with having any volume of cables is trying to find the one you need at the right length.

Now lets get started...

Step 1: How Not to Bundle a Cable

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Bundling cables like this can ruin the wires.

Step 2: Make the Hanger

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Install the first loop around the cable; leave it loose for now. Then thread the second cable through the first and tighten the first. Finally trim off the excess.

For wall warts I double the wire over. This makes finding a power supply much easier. Zip tie the wart and the end together so that selection will be easier. Then make a loop at the other end and zip tie this end also. I do this so that the cables do not end up twisted and tangled together. The more cables on the hook the more this is imperative.

Step 3:

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Step 4: Now You Can Find the Proper Cable When You Need It.

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Once all of the cables were hung they were easy to select as I could see exactly what I was after at a glance. To simplify things I hung them by the frequency of use. Anything 'exotic' was hung together on a single hook for the most part.


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