Introduction: Organize Your Paracord With House Hold Products

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Step 1: Supplies You Will Need

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An at least a foot long stick
2 wood screws
2 CDs
2 roof fastners

Step 2: Tools You Will Need

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Miter saw

Step 3:

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Make a notch in the wood

Step 4:

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Take a screw and the drill and screw through the roof fastner and the hole of the cd to one end of the wood. Do the same thing to the other end.

Step 5:

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Take the some paracord make a simple knot. Put the end of paracord with the knot on the notch and start winding

Step 6:

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Keep winding until you are done.


Michael C (author)2014-02-24

Good job posting your first Instructable.

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Bio: I am a paracord fanatic who has mastered the art. I am a good shot. Love Marvel and DC comics. I'm a Boy Scout ... More »
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