DMC, the most easily available embroidery floss in my part of the USA, comes in over 400 colors. If you use or publish patterns, you want to be able to put your hand on particular colors. If you’re stitching free, you want to be able to find all of your greens or pinks or whatever other colors; you want to be able to see what you have. This instructable assumes you’re using DMC, but I  discuss making a color card of your own in another entry. Scan them all! 

This recipe requires use of a computer and a color printer, the ability to capture an image, resize, 'cut' and 'paste.'  Ask your acquaintances; it's not too esoteric.

You will also need cardstock, at least one three-ring notebook, paper punch, two-sided tape, and snack-sized Ziplock bags. You may want to rewind the skeins in a more stable configuration  and make it less likely that they will lose their numbers.

Step 1: Make Color Pages

Go to the DMC website and copy each of the color cards for the floss you are using.  (Click on the cards to make them bigger. Place cursor on each, left click or command-click, and pick Save Image As. Save to a file you can find so you can resize and print them.) 

<p>I've never seen it done this way, but it's clever :D</p>

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