I have been salvaging parts from sold old electronic pieces lately, but mostly I seem to be creating chaos. I added a wing to my computer desk to give me an inside work space for delicate electronic work. But I keep bringing tools in from the workshop, and I don't (yet) have it very well organized. Enter the tool holder. I am thinking a little stand that i can hold the screwdrivers and pliers that are currently hanging on the bench.
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Step 2: Organize the materials, and do some prototyping

The first step was to organize the materials. I tend to scavenge a lot of hard wood for use in woodworking projects. I keep saying I am going to use the scraps in the wood stove, but they seem to end up in the workshop.

Step 3: Start gluing and fastening

I screwed the mahogany feet onto the maple legs so I don't have to worry about loosening. Wood sces will be covered with mahogany plugs. A technique I learned from my grandfather.
pfred22 years ago
I am using tool pallets right now for my electronics workbench. Before that I kept a lot of tools in a cup.