I love having all my stuff where I can find it and get to it easily. I've come up with a few tips, tricks, and hacks to make things easier.

Step 1: Garden Hose Bobbin Holder

I hate, hate, HATE those plastic bobbin boxes! Why? Because I always drop them or knock them off the table, and then my bobbins scurry off to the far reaches of my sewing space, unwinding themselves as they go.

My solution was to take a piece of garden hose that's 5/8 inch (16 millimeters) in diameter and split it lengthwise all the way down. The bobbins then snap right into the hose and stay very secure until I'm ready to use them, even if I drop it on the floor. The sides of the bobbins are always facing out, so I can easily tell what color thread is on them. An added bonus is that the hose has a slight curve to it, which keeps it from rolling off the table.

I was lucky enough to find discarded garden hose, so it didn't cost me anything. But it would probably look even cooler if you got clear tubing and used that instead.
<p>Thank you for the brilliant ideas especially regarding bobbins!! I have cats and they somehow always push them off the table to play with. Will be on the lookout for clear hose so I can get this done very soon :)</p>
<p>Oh, I bet those cats can really make a mess out of a bobbin box! :D </p>
<p>I had one of those devil-spawned bobbin boxes that would leap off the table whenever I took it out of the closet, and chase all the bobbins under the bed, behind the lamp, etc. I loved your idea! I replaced the box with a 12&quot; length of clear plastic tubing cut down one side. ( I bought the thinner 3/4&quot; tubing that was 5/8&quot; interior diameter, it cost 75 cents at Lowes.) It holds all my bobbins and has room for more. Next step is to find a suitable magnet.....</p>
<p>Glad you liked it! If I ever become Dictator of the World, I'm going to melt all the plastic bobbin boxes into something useful. :p</p><p>If you know someone in IT, they might have some neodymium magnets on hand from discarded computer hard drives. You can buy them too, but that's not as much fun as smashing things to get them out, haha.</p>
<p>Super cool Ideas</p>
<p>Thank you! Glad you liked them. :)</p>
<p>I LOVE the hose for the bobbin idea. I went a little further and used a bit of Washi tape to add a little flair. I gotta say, you're ideas are so full of creativity and ingenuity! *LOVE*</p>
<p>Washi tape is such a great idea! I left mine plain, but now I'm dreaming of ways to perk them up. Glad you liked my ideas, and happy sewing! :-)</p>
<p>I absolutely love the idea with garden hose. So simple and so clever!!! Why didn't I think about it? The idea is now stolen lol.</p>
<p>Yay! I'm glad my idea is getting stolen! I hope that you'll find it as useful as I have. :)</p>
<p>I used a magnrt to pick up a container of sewing pins. Now the pins are sooooooo magneyised, I have to prise them apart. Too powerful a magnet????</p>
Wow, that has never happened to me! The pins always act completely normal after I remove them from the magnet. I can pull them off and pile them on a table and they don't stick at all. I even store them on the magnet at all times.<br> <br> I would guess that your pins are made of a different metal than mine are, because the magnet I use is quite strong. My pins are steel, with plastic heads:&nbsp;<a href="http://www.homesew.com/product1428.html#.UyKGWPldUuc" rel="nofollow">http://www.homesew.com/product1428.html#.UyKGWPldUuc</a>&nbsp;but honestly, I'm just as puzzled as you. :(
<p>Nice hack with the garden hose. Saw formed platic bobbin holders jsut like that at the store a few weeks back and the price was so ridiculous I dropped it from laughing.</p>
<p>Now that is so clever! By the way, how are the plants doing?</p>
<p>FOOOOBEAAAAR! The plants actually flowered last Fall! I was so excited! But lately I've been worried that I should have taken them in the house for the Winter... I know they're supposed to be really hardy, but since it was their first year and all, what if they don't come back? :O</p><p>How are your plants doing? :D</p>
<p>I am willing to bet at least 25 cents that they will come back! =). (I never bet more than 25 cents in case I'm wrong). Actually it's a pretty good bet and I could safely raise it, but anyway. Ours here aren't up yet, so maybe by April you might see them start to shoot up again. </p><p>Your plants did great! They thrived throughout the year last year. I'm waiting to see if they survived our winter. I know grapes will grow here, so I am guardedly confident, although we had a couple of especially long and brutal freezes. </p>
<p>I hope you're right! I'm not panicking yet, but I might start freaking out by the time April rolls around. :P</p>
Nice! Like the garden hose trick!!
<p>Awesome thanks I have been trying to figure a way to organize my bobbins .... you da bomb! thanks</p>
<p>You're so welcome!</p>
I bow to you, oh queen of DIY!!! The hose idea is beyond brilliant---can't wait to start cutting my hose apart! (Won't my hubby be surprised, lol). I too have used a computer magnet for years - w/out the bolt. I did not think I could be more impressed &amp; excited after the hose - but then you introduced the bolt. I nearly fell outta my chair - now I will scavenge a bolt &amp; get that set up also. I will say I have been using tackle boxes for years. &amp; the compartmented boxes are cheaper if you buy them in the fishing dept rather than craft dept. <br>Thank you for sharing. I for one will strive to do better in my DIY'ing, you have set the bar quite high!!!
<p>Haha, thank you! I really hope you enjoy your new tools. Glad I could help! :D</p>
<p>Some great tips here! I've been 'planning' to re-do my office/craft room for quite some time, but the &quot;what to do first&quot; question always stop me from starting at all. This gives me more ambition. Thanks!</p>
<p>You're welcome!</p>
<p>So simple, I like them all, more please.</p>
<p>I'll see what I can do. :p</p>
<p>such a simple (but ingenious) idea to use the tackle box! The box that came with my Bernina for storing the various &quot;feet&quot; is over flowing. Feet everywhere. can't wait to get organized.</p>
<p>They really do work great!</p>
<p>So many tiny things to keep organized; looks great! </p>
<p>Very clever! Thank you so much for sharing, there are so many people who can benefit from this.</p>
<p>Thanks! I hope so; I know it's made my crafting a lot easier. :)</p>
<p>ZOMG! I've used a magnet on my sewing machine forever as a pin cushion, but the idea of the bolt to make the pins stick out is genius! </p>
<p>Thanks! :D</p>
Love the pin cushion!
<p>Thanks, I do too! :p</p>
<p>This is pure genius!! Love the bobbin holder and pin cushion especially. I'm going to do both.</p>
Thank you! I hope you love yours as much as I love mine!

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